It's impossible to describe what it's like to sleep between dunes under a clear sky, so it's best to experience it firsthand.
Few sites on the planet have such a natural flow of magic and energy. The desert is ideal for those seeking peace and solitude.
Immerse yourself in a country rich in art, science, and traditions that will not leave you indifferent.
The Atlas Mountains and its Berber communities, the Sahara Desert, and its gorgeous oasis... Explore a country with no boundaries.
The Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. For the practice of nautical activities, virgin beaches or locations with all the amenities are available. You decide how you want to enjoy the beach.
A delicate blend of dark Africa's purity and Islamic tradition's exoticism, ideal for those who appreciate unusual places.
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Vacations In Morocco: Travel agency

Private and customized Tours

We are specialists in designing tours that cover the entire country. Our top concern is making sure that our visitors’ aspirations are realized through their experiences.

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Welcome to Vacations In Morocco: Travel agency all over Morocco.

Whether traveling alone, with your family, or with a group, Vacations In Morocco takes pride in providing unique experiences at great prices. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that the Morocco vacation you select meets your standards and provides the information and expertise to make your trip unforgettable.

Vacations In Morocco’s top priority is to show you every inch of our nation, the most genuine side of Moroccan culture, its cuisine, the magic of its towns, and the breathtaking natural beauty of its landscapes, including the fantastic sea of dunes beneath an intensely colored sky.

Morocco is a luxurious destination in every manner because of its historic culture, famous buildings, handicrafts, customs, and cuisine…

It’s time to look for a destination for the honeymoon in Morocco. Something very good, very beautiful and that offers me exactly what I want.

Vacations In Morocco provides you with the best excursions, journeys, and Morocco desert tours across the mysterious Sahara desert in Morocco

Traveling in Morocco is an experience to be able to forget about everything and detoxify from the routine of everyday life. We have an ex…

Our private and tailor-made trips are ideal for all types of photographers, regardless of your level as we will give you a personalized…

No matter how big or small, as students, we consistently put in a lot of effort to achieve our goals. Among other things, we are always on …

Would you like to spend a New Year’s Eve in Morocco to do something really different this Christmas with us? Come to the Sahara desert!…

Spending Easter Week in Morocco is a great idea, as it is always celebrated in spring, the weather is usually ideal to enjoy the country…

Southern Morocco is characterized by the friendliness and hospitality of the Berber culture. Its light, the contrast of landscapes and colors

What Vacations In Morocco Can Offer You

For adventurers and athletes. Both foodies and shopaholics will have fun. and both those who seek peace and those who appreciate the activity. Whoever you are, there is something in Morocco for you.

Local guides

Discover information you might have missed with insider knowledge that a private, local guide can provide.

Customized trips

When you have a private guide and driver, you may go at your own pace and make last-minute changes to your itinerary.

expert preparation

Our Experts, who have extensive local expertise, customize each experience to your preferences so you can get the most out of your trip.

Unbeatable assistance

Every reservation includes round-the-clock support, and you'll get real-time updates in case your plans change.

Some of our Morocco-tailored tours and travels:

Check out our tours today and reserve your vacation in Morocco!
You can expect incredible experiences from the top Moroccan tour operator that will make you want to visit our stunning nation repeatedly. In order for you to fully experience all that this nation has to offer, Vacations In Morocco Travel Agency offer costumized package holiday, mountain excursions, and desert tours.

These are merely recommendations for the type of trip you might take. Yours will be customized, changed, and improved until it perfectly fits you.

Request my exclusive Vacations in Morocco design:

If you’re a traveler looking for the peace and quiet of expert service, VIM travel agency has numerous possibilities for you. We offer unrestricted tours throughout Morocco’s travel itinerary so that visitors can experience the country’s breathtaking scenery and undisturbed natural scents. We specialize in serving individuals, small groups, families, couples, and business travelers.

By obtaining a special quotation today, you may take a step closer to planning your personalized trip and planning a vacation to Morocco.

For over 10 years, Vacations in Morocco service has been providing the best package holidays in Morocco. Call or email us today to schedule your personalized Morocco tour.


Every location is magnificent. It is 1,000 times better! The Vacations In Morocco travel company provided first-rate services for everyone concerned!
Everything was wonderful. Professional, precise, and well-organized in every way. Our incredibly generous and knowledgeable guide, Mustapha, was always eager to assist us, even after the excursion was over. Excellent food and lodging. Definitely a good idea!


Vacations In Morocco

"Our four-day trip across the Merzouga desert from Marrakech to Fes was an amazing experience. We were fortunate enough to spend those days with our driver, Mohamed, a native of Merzouga. Who played a part in making our journey authentic? He calmly responded to all of our inquiries, allowing us to see how the Berbers live. It hurt our hearts to have to say goodbye to him. Without a doubt, we would recommend it to anyone considering a vacation to Morocco.


Vacations In Morocco

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You can learn about the most important Moroccan facts and characteristics by starting with our travel blog on Morocco. Those who are interested in visiting Morocco can learn more about it on our blog. Travel blogs from Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca, and many more places are offered by the Vacations In Morocco travel agency.