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We try to take you to less-traveled parts of Morocco.

When even the smallest detail is important

Vacations In Morocco is a medium-sized independent tour operator with a Moroccan flair that specializes in affordable tailored offerings starting from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, and Morocco tours. Get in touch with us for a once-in-a-lifetime visit to a land of magic that will enthrall and inspire you with its contrasts, hues, and rich cultural history. To share our love of travel and our homeland, we established Vacations In Morocco. Our guiding principle is to link you to Morocco’s people, locations, and cultures while assisting you in discovering its hidden gems with a dependable Team. Years of first-hand experience on both the client and service sides have given us extensive knowledge of the travel and tourist sector.

The most important thing is that you feel secure and cared for in your Morocco tours.

We wish to convey to the outside world the true and admirable character of our nation, as well as the kindness, love, and graciousness of its people. With such severe competition, it might be challenging to be ethical and professional, but our clients’ love, gratitude, and admiration, as well as the special moments they share with us, are what motivate us to continue.

Although nothing is flawless, Vacations In Morocco has never given up trying to be ideal. Everyone detests being forced into endlessly pricy stores and tourist traps, and everyone is aware that the tour operators receive commissions from the purchases their clients make. We have been working for years to safeguard our consumers from this situation, and we think we have been successful. We promise that none of our consumers will be coerced or tricked into entering any stores or bazaars. Vacations In Morocco is open about shopping, in contrast to other tour operators who use shopping excursions to make up for the absurdly low costs they promote and the low wages they pay their staff.

Availability of local knowledge:

The personnel at Vacations In Morocco are carefully selected based on their commitment and local understanding. All of our staff members are fluent in both English, Spanish, Italian and French and are committed to helping you have the trip of a lifetime to Morocco.

Assurance of mental tranquility:

Through PayPal, your online payments are completely secure. Never will we request the details of your credit card. In the event of COVID-related unforeseen events, tour substitutes or compensation are 100% guaranteed.

Eliminate the middleman to reduce costs:

When you make a direct reservation with a local service provider, there are no commission fees involved. Vacations In Morocco takes pride in having a business approach that helps keep more money in regional economies.

Our Morocco tours with the ideal companions

Vacations in Morocco has been an authorized travel operator with the Moroccan government since 2009. Our fleet of air-conditioned cars includes Hyundai, Ford, and Fiat minibusses that can seat eight to seventeen people, as well as Toyota 4 x 4 off-road vehicles that can accommodate six passengers. We also have 35- and 48-seater buses available for larger groups.

Our key emphasis continues to be providing individualized and direct service. Consider spending the night in a tent in a desert. Our Moroccan travel agency is completely authorized and legal, which enables us to provide a product at a competitive price because cost and quality do not have to be mutually exclusive. Due to the multilingualism of our team, which includes speakers of Spanish, English, French, Italian, Arabic, and Berber, we are able to fully comprehend the needs of our clients.

Vacation In Morocco: Why This Company

The answer is straightforward: we love this lovely country and want you to share that joy.
For this, we’ll show you authentic Moroccan culture, magic, architecture, and cuisine. desert, the outdoors, beaches the object that is hidden from view by the crowded buses.
We will plan your vacation exactly how you envision it, saving you the worry of wasting hours looking for lodging, transportation, and activities.

You will always have our companionship. We take care of picking you up, transporting you to your desired location, and staying by your side in case issues arise. As is customary here, we will provide you with entertainment while serving as your host while you are in Morocco. Because we want to be gracious guests, we want you to come back.

We offer unique Morocco tours and events.

Our staff of drivers and guides is made up of individuals who are totally self-assured, incredibly helpful, and possess a strong sense of responsibility. They will always keep an eye out for your safety while you are in Morocco, and they will travel with you while you go through the Maghrebi Kingdom.
We have Berber people on our team that are multilingual and have a lot of expertise in the travel and tourist industry. We provide the same service as authorized tour guides for visits to imperial cities, monuments, mosques, and other tourist hotspots.

We have devoted ourselves to this great family and made all of our skills and professions available to ensure that your time in Morocco is perfect. Since we offer personal service around-the-clock, you can always be there.

The greatest way to enjoy Morocco tours is with us.

We are a group of seasoned Moroccan tour guides that are familiar with the nation and can guarantee you a wonderful vacation in Morocco.

No matter where you decide to begin your vacation in Morocco, whether the airport, ports, or another location, we can arrange a variety of trips there.

Our desert tours include camel treks, quad, and 4×4 excursions, overnight tent camping, and visits to tourist attractions. For more details on our travels, visit the Morocco Tours section.

What Morocco Tours Can Offer You

We provide luxury Morocco tours, so you may experience a country free of cliches, crowds, and restricted itineraries.

Best Tour Operator

We have been in the travel business for more than 12 years and are experts in Morocco.

Lowest Price Assured

By using our trips, you can avoid paying middleman commissions and fees.

Registered & Licensed

We hold license N° 21694 as a legally recognized and regulated Moroccan tour operator.

100% satisfaction promised

We adhere to the tight guidelines established by our business to ensure your pleasure.

a safe booking

Never will we request the specifics of your credit card. PayPal will never divulge your credit card information.

Immediately confirm

After booking your tour, you will immediately receive a confirmation.

Vacations In Morocco Family

We are a group of Moroccan tour operators and local guides that are actual experts in the most breathtaking regions of the nation. beginning with the time of your arrival in Morocco.
The team at Vacations In Morocco gets started by attending to every minute detail that will ensure that your trip to Morocco is unforgettable.
Our unique trip will allow you to experience life as a member of our family rather than as a tourist, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in our culture while you are here.

Who is in charge of your Morocco tours:

After many years of providing tours, visits, and events, we have chosen to rethink our concept, giving rise to the amazing notion of the dream trip. Join us as we journey with our significant experience.


Our most skilled and experienced driver. He is a great expert on uncharted, isolated, and secretly charming sites in addition to the typical tourist spots due to his significant experience working in the tourism industry for more than 10 years and his cross-country excursions. When working with Mohamed, you can expect to be treated kindly and with the utmost professionalism.


He is a local specialist on our staff and has the knowledge to make your trip unforgettable. He is both our most beloved tour guide and a highly respected representative of Berber culture. Mustapha makes sure that the excursions go smoothly and that all of our customers' needs are satisfied. He is kind, understanding, and patient. You're in good hands when you travel with him.


Youssef joined Vacations In Morocco in 2012 with the intention of designing distinctive journeys that provide a lasting impression. His secret to making them is his exceptional capacity to connect with people. He is able to create journeys and experiences to satisfy our clients because of his extraordinary empathy.


Ismail is in charge of bookings and ensuring that everything goes properly for visitors. Having been raised among the sand dunes and receiving his tourist education in Bilbao, he is the perfect example of a native with technical talent.


A Merzouga native of Berber descent has a passion for introducing Morocco in a unique and personal way. He is anxious to share the culture, traditions, and way of life of his people with the guest since he is in love with his Berber heritage. His quest for progress has enabled him to establish a solid name in Morocco's tourism industry. He won't give up trying to make our visitors something they won't forget.


Being a citizen of the United States has allowed him to go to many countries where he has shown that he has a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to efficiently arrange long-distance excursions. He also enjoys adventure and company. Because he shares his passion for Morocco, a nation he frequently travels to, he collaborates with Vacations In Morocco in the organization of our sustainable outings and solidarity caravans.

Are you up for Morocco tours without copies?

Residents of Morocco who have worked in both the city and the desert serve as our tour guides and drivers. They speak Arabic, Berber, French, English, and Spanish with ease and are well-versed in the customs and culture of the region. Please get in touch with us if you require a different language or if you want further details.

Do you appear completely prepared for your Morocco tours

We can definitely assist you if you wish to travel to Morocco and are seeking for a trip. The travel schedules from various cities are listed below. In order to guarantee that our customers have an unforgettable experience, we can offer the greatest local guides.