3 Days Morocco tour From Tangier

3 days: Morocco tour from Tangier. A literary and television journey through Tangier and Tetouan.

Tour Details: 3 Days Morocco tour from Tangier

Location Of Departure

The driver will greet you at the airport or wherever you specify in Tangier

Last Destination

We will transfer you to the location you specify in Ceuta

Duration Of The Tour

3 days and 2 nights

Time Of Departure

The tour vacation starts at 8:00 a.m.

3 Days Morocco tour From Tangier

Are you dreaming of exploring the captivating settings brought to life in the novel-to-TV adaptation? If so, our 3-day Morocco tour starting from Tangier is the perfect getaway, even if you only have a few days to spare. Discover all the details here.

A literary and television tour: 3-day Morocco tour

Drawing inspiration from Mara Duenas’ bestselling novel, which was later adapted into a TV series, this 3 days Morocco tour from Tangier immerses you in the world of the story. The book and its televised counterpart gained immense popularity, especially in Spain and Latin America. With Sira Quiroga as the central character, many enthusiasts opt for this theme for their next vacation, reliving the captivating narrative and exploring the enticing locations depicted in the pages of the book or seen in the television series. The spotlight of this itinerary is on two cities. Tangier, renowned for its historical sites and charming corners, serves as a major gateway to Morocco from the north. Tetouan, recognized as a World Heritage Site, charms with the elegance of its old city.

The former Spanish Protectorate

One of the highlights of the 3-day journey from Tangier, in addition to retracing Sira Quiroga’s steps and seeing the iconic sites in Tangier and Tetouan, is the opportunity to commemorate a historically significant era: the Spanish Protectorate of the Morocco. This political entity had Tetouan as its capital throughout the first part of the 20th century, so you may learn more about it while you’re there. Tangier, on the other hand, has locations that are connected to the Spain of a century ago as well as areas that exhibit the city’s cosmopolitan nature at that time when it was still governed and controlled by a commission of foreign nations and was therefore regarded as an international zone.


Travel program

The 3-day Morocco tour from Tangier begins in the city and concludes in Ceuta. Throughout the itinerary, a day is dedicated to exploring Tetouan. Here is a breakdown of the daily route:

Day 1: Tangier

On the first day of the 5 days Morocco tour from Tangier, you will arrive in Tangier. Whether you choose to take a ferry from Tarifa or Algeciras, two southern Spanish ports commonly used for crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, or opt for a flight, similar to the journey of the novel’s protagonist, Sira Quiroga, during the era when Tangier was a free port.

Upon arrival, a private vehicle with a multilingual-speaking driver will be waiting for you at the airport or ferry terminal to commence the tour. The day will be dedicated to exploring various intriguing locations in Tangier, many of which are referenced in both the novel and the television series. For example, visits to the palaces of Dar El Makhzen and Dar Chorfa in the city’s Kasbah are on the itinerary. These ancient structures, dating back to the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail, served as the backdrop for Tetouan’s police station in the television series.

Details about it

The tour will also include a visit to the American Legation, now a significant museum, where Sira Quiroga and Alan Hillgarth meet to discuss an important “business” in the story. Exploring Sidi Kacen Beach, where exterior scenes were filmed, and strolling along the Avenue of Spain, now known as Boulevard de Mohamed VI, featuring the city’s port and the famous Continental Hotel, will be part of the itinerary. The Continental Hotel, renowned for its spectacular rooms where some series scenes were filmed, will not only be a stop during your Tangier vacation. You will also stay at Hotel El Minzah, located near Plaza de Francia, where Sira Quiroga frequently visited, especially its cafeteria—a favorite location of the novel’s author, Mara Dueas.

The tour will extend to other accommodations such as Hotel Villa Josefine and the Palace of Muley Hafid (Palace of Italian Institutions), which served as the residences of Rosalinda Fox and Sira Quiroga’s friends. While the primary focus will be on the key locations from the book and series, the tour will cover additional charming tourist destinations on this first day of the journey from Tangier. Some potential program options include:

A trip to Cape Espartel, on the outskirts of the city, where the well-known Caves of Hercules are located, deserves special notice. In order to enjoy this natural setting at its best, it will happen in the late afternoon. Dinner and sleeping at the aforementioned Hotel El Minzah on the way back.

Summary of the first day

Day 2: From Tangier to Tetouan

On the second day, the journey heads to Tetouan after breakfast at Hotel El Minzah. The route follows the road that once crossed the international border of the Borg, the same route Sira Quiroga took, albeit unintentionally, when forced to seek admission to the Sania Ramel Civil Hospital for a hemorrhage.

Tetouan has witnessed significant historical events, and many locations remain recognizable today. Notable sites include the Sania Ramel Civil Hospital, where the main character is treated, and the former station of the Ceuta-Tetuan railway line, now a modern art center, where sequences were filmed. Streets and neighborhoods like Luneta Street, Luneta Gate, and the surrounding areas will be familiar to fans of the series. Locations such as Candelaria Pension, Sira Quiroga’s initial stay in the book, and the station and Cagigas Park, linked to arms smuggling in the series, are explored. The art school near the queen’s door, where Sira Quiroga seeks draftsmen for pattern realization, and the existing Cervantes Institute, where the main character establishes her tailor shop, are part of the itinerary. The Cervantes Institute’s balcony and rooftop also served as settings for some of the series’ most provocative scenes.

Get to know the famous places

The Ensanche neighborhood, showcasing Spanish influence in Tetouan’s urban planning, is also depicted in the series. Recognizable avenues, squares, and streets during this vacation include the Avenue of the Republic (now Mohamed V), Plaza de José Antonio (now Al-Yala), the Phoenix building, Tarrafin Street with its characteristic wooden lattices, and the Square of Spain at the Bab Ruah gate. Additionally, the day in Tetouan offers a chance to explore other points of interest in the city, as its historic center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and uniqueness. Therefore, the visit may include:

For the second day of this tour, the accommodation will be at Riad El Reducto. While no scenes from the television series were filmed at this riad, Adriana Ugarte, who portrays Sira Quiroga, stayed here during the filming of her scenes in Tetouan. Hence, the riad is indirectly associated with the television series. Dinner will also be provided at this riad.

Summary of the second day

Day 3: From Tetouan to Ceuta

After breakfast at Riad El Reducto, we will proceed to the ferry that will take you back across the Strait of Gibraltar to the Iberian Peninsula. This time, the departure will be from the Autonomous City of Ceuta, which is just 40 kilometers away by road. This route also has historical significance, particularly with its railway connections. Throughout the journey, we will pass by the Dar Riffien, Negrón, Miramar, and Malalien stations. The Malalien station holds great importance in the story, influencing Sira Quiroga’s fate and her role as a spy. Our driver will drop you off at the port of Ceuta, concluding our services in the 3-day tour. The farewell will carry the spirit of “see you soon,” with hopes of meeting again in other Morocco tours, some of them with a similar cinematic theme.

Summary of the third day

3 Days Morocco tour from Tangier includes the following Activities:

3-day Morocco tour from Tangier: excludes the following Activities:

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