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The Ourika Valley, a trip to the most rural Morocco

Due to Marrakech’s ideal position in the south of Morocco, we are able to visit a variety of interesting places within the same day that is only a few hours away without the need for an overnight stay.
The Ourika Valley is undoubtedly one of the activities available from Marrakech. This tour is extremely advantageous because Marrakech is only an hour and a half away by car, making it the ideal addition to a trip there.

Therefore, you have the chance to encounter a totally distinct rural and indigenous environment just a few steps from Marrakech. In actuality, you can have a very close look at the hand of Morocco Tourism because the majority of the people living there are families of Berbers who are originally from this area, the Moroccan High Atlas.

Berber villages and nature, a respite on your trip to Morocco

The Ourika Valley is the place for you if you want to escape Marrakech’s bustle, don’t want to travel far, love nature, gorgeous scenery, and authentic Berber towns.

This private tour will begin with a pick-up from your Marrakech hotel or riad, and then we’ll head out to our destination. Once there, we’ll enter the Ourika Valley and travel through stunning High Atlas Mountain scenery as we follow the path of the river with the same name. Here, we’ll visit an authentic Berber House and, if we’d like, stop at one of the local markets in Asni or Aghbalou to take pictures or make purchases.

Once you get to Ourika, you can hire a local guide, explore this lovely location, eat at a local restaurant, or go for a hike in the Cascades. After that, we will drive back to Marrakech and drop you off at your hotel.

Why choose this excursion close to Marrakech?

The Ourika Valley is still one of the country’s best-preserved and most precise locations, despite the fact that there are many options for excursions nearby Marrakech. Despite the fact that there are other options, this is the case. It is the ideal location to discover tranquility and escape the bustle of the Red City, the neighboring enormous city, yet is close by because of its distinctive nature.

Therefore, this excursion to the Ourika Valley is a fantastic suggestion for individuals looking for excursions that depart from Marrakech. This trip will provide you the chance to interact with the locals and rural residents of this remarkable region of the country, who stand out for their kindness and warmth.

Between February and April, when the cherry and almond trees bloom and the water from the mountains is thawing down with fury and flow, the Ourika valley is at its most beautiful. Located here lies the ski resort of Oukameden, which is 2,650 meters above sea level. There are some tourists who choose to visit during the summer to take in the scenery because it allows them to spend a cool day in the center of nature.

It is also suggested for trekkers and hikers looking for day outings and excursions close to Marrakech. The Seven Waterfalls walking trail is among the best in this area.

Overview: Day trip to Ourika valley

One of Morocco’s most stunning valleys, Ourika Valley is a well-liked destination for both visitors and residents. The landscape completely changes from an arid, brown perspective to a lush, green valley and brilliant hues just 65 kilometers outside of Marrakech.

As a result of the abundance of argan trees in the valley, there are numerous cooperatives that produce argan oil. If you visit one of these cooperatives, you can see how diligent women process the argan nuts and extract oil from them for both cosmetic and culinary purposes. Small hikes and bridge crossings across the valley’s Berber-built canyons are abundant opportunities within the valley itself.

If you’re fit enough, you can hike to the seven waterfalls of Setti Fatma. A local guide can lead you through the valley and assist you with a few minor challenges along the way. Choose a great restaurant and enjoy a satisfying meal there, or even on the river itself, with your feet in the water.

Excursion Itinerary

Our driver will collect you up from your hotel, riad, or another agreed-upon location at 9:00 am, and we will then depart for the Ourika Valley. You’ll soon notice that the path slowly ascends to the first High Atlas slopes, where little settlements typical to the region are tucked away. It’s a serene setting surrounded by nature, where the only sounds are the chirping of birds and the trickling of streams.

We’ll arrive at the center of the Ourika Valley after a one-hour trip. We will travel to various nearby towns in our vehicle, which is known for always having the best performance, where you may let the atmosphere’s allure sweep you away. The markets, or authentic, well-known souks, which are significantly less touristy than those in Marrakech and nevertheless preserve all of their original characters, play a significant role in it.

Visit a typical local home, have authentic Moorish tea, or have a delicious supper by the riverbank are all other activities you might schedule for the day. Your driver guide will be there to accompany you and/or give you advice on where to go.

We will begin our journey back to Marrakech in the late afternoon when life in these rural communities in the valley starts to wane so that you can have dinner and relax as usual.
The Ourika Valley will not disappoint you if you’re seeking for a suggested excursion near Marrakech. Let Tourism Morocco plan yours!

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Trek the Ourika Valley

You can have a barbecue in the valley or ascend to the renowned seven waterfalls. It is a short, straightforward hike that you may complete with a professional guide; nevertheless, the length of your hike will depend on how daring you want to be. Be sure to bring sturdy walking shoes if you’re interested in taking the lengthier stroll. A cafe next to the falls is a good place to stop and eat.

The pine and cedar forests in the valley are well-known. If you see some neighborhood-friendly Barbary apes while traveling, don’t be alarmed. Pottery and minerals are two of Setti Fatma’s most well-known exports. On Mondays, a sizable Berber souk (country market) is held.

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Amazing day Trip to Ourika valley
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It was wonderful to travel from Marrakech to the Ourika Valley for an entire day. It was a welcome respite from Marrakech's bustle. I was told to meet the driver in front of Cafe de la France because my riad was in the souk. Our tour guide, Mohamed, is a treasure with a lot of knowledge. It was fun to go climbing, have lunch by the river, and tour a real Berber home. At our restaurant, vegetarian options were offered. You should bring your hiking boots.
A great experience in valleys
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Wonderful travel and tour provider. As a female traveler traveling alone, I needed to feel safe and extremely well cared for. They came to pick me up at my Riad's door and lead me to their vehicle, which was not included but was immediately offered after I inquired.
Excellent day trip
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The day trip we took with our tour guide was amazing! Bring good running shoes for the hike to the waterfall and be ready for multiple stops along the way to Ourika Valley! a wonderful day trip! I sincerely appreciate it.

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