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Morocco Excursions

Morocco Excursions from Marrakech in a unique way

The best getaways and excursions to Morocco

If during your travels abroad you like to go on excursions Morocco is a place that has a lot to offer you. Our agency organizes short and interesting experiences throughout the country, with very varied attractions. On this page we explain what these fleeting and unforgettable trips consist of, and give you access to the most popular ones in each destination.

What do we mean by Morocco excursions?

First things first, let’s define what we mean by “excursion in Morocco”: we use this phrase to describe quick journeys that fit the following criteria:

They are generally made by road in private vehicles, being less frequent the excursions in Morocco by other means of collective transport such as train, or private as the boat, although they are not discarded.

Our Morocco excursions

With these spectacular Marrakech vacations, have a guided tour of the fascinating Medina, travel to the desert, enjoy cultural performance…

Nothing is more pleasurable than Tangier vacations. tour in Tangier is the perfect opportunity to indulge in all of your beachy fantasies…

If you want to plan your trip to Fes vacations and you need help to make different tours that allow you to see and discover every corner…

We have customized some tours from Casablanca according to the request of previous clients. And as the Sahara desert is the highlight…

What to do on excursions in Morocco

Morocco’s trip catalog now has suggestions for every taste thanks to the range of appealing locations and advancements in communications. Archaeological sites, picturesque villages, or historical structures can all be seen on half-day or full-day excursions by culture and monument enthusiasts (and stories).

On the other hand, travelers more interested in nature will be able to discover protected areas of great uniqueness: forests, mountains, seascapes, rocky gorges… and, of course, the always magical desert in the south of the country. However, in the case of the desert, it is more usual and advisable to discover it as part of a wider circuit through Morocco, rather than as a fleeting one-day getaway.

Morocco also allows for the organization of excursions for entertainment and adventure-related activities. Camel rides, off-roading, visiting artists as they work, gourmet experiences, and attending folk festivals are a few examples.

Are you planning any exotic and historical excursion this year?

Then you have to try the excursions in Morocco that we offer on our website. We have personalized routes, travel plans, professional guides, and transportation for your whole family.

The small and striking country of North Africa boasts an impressive variety of recreational options that can satisfy all tastes. Its geographic position and its mix of cultures allow visitors to experience a different level. Does it catch your attention? Learn more about this destination and plan your trip without wasting time.

Where in Morocco can you plan an excursion?

The small and striking country of North Africa boasts an impressive variety of recreational options that can satisfy all tastes. Its geographic position and its mix of cultures allow visitors to experience a different level. Does it catch your attention? Learn more about this destination and plan your trip without wasting time.

Morocco excursions from Marrakech

Marrakech is unquestionably the country’s main tourist hub, thanks in large part to the charms of its ancient core as well as the range of sights that are accessible via close-by roads. You can embark on some of the most exciting journeys from the infamous “red city”

Morocco excursion to the Atlas

The High Atlas Mountains are situated south of the city and are less than 200 kilometers distant. In fact, you can access numerous sections of these mountains from Marrakech. The well-known Tizi N’Tichka pass, which provides one of the best panoramic views of the country, is accessible through the N9 route. The Ourika valley, which features lovely mountain scenery and tiny charming settlements, is an additional choice. Additionally, it is possible to approach Djebel Toubkal, the highest peak in the nation, although doing so will require passing via locations like Asni or the Imlil Valley.

Morocco excursion to Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are the most impressive natural cascade in the country’s center, and they’re roughly 180 kilometers from Marrakech. Visitors frequently spot Barbary monkeys, which are so typical of Morocco, in addition to the waterfall’s soothing and cooling effects.

Morocco excursion to Agafay desert

The Agafay Desert: For those who want to experience the desert but do not have the time to travel to the southern Sahara, the Agafay Desert excursion is one of the most popular choices. Consequently, this dry atmosphere of mud and pebbles allows for a thorough examination of the challenging circumstances that characterize the way of life of the locals.

Morocco excursion to Lalla Takerkoust

The largest man-made lake near Marrakech is Lake Lalla Takerkoust. It is particularly well-liked by the Marrakech residents because of its vicinity (40 km) and the “chill out” enterprises that are located on its banks, despite the fact that it is not feasible to engage in water activities there. Due to the numerous opportunities to hire quads and enjoy the trails in the area, it is also well-liked by tourists.

Morocco excursion to Safi or Asfi

Safi is the nearest beach town to Marrakech, approximately 150 kilometers distant, thus its appeal extends beyond its ancient structures, many of which allude to its Portuguese history. Hence, from the red city, it is a superb idea to explore the Atlantic.

Morocco excursion to Essaouira

Another coastal city, Essaouira, is 180 km (two hours and a half) away and, if possible, has more monuments. With vibrant craft and folkloric activity in its medina and intriguing beaches nearby, it was not in vain that the area was designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Excursions in Morocco from Fes

Fes is another of the country’s major tourist destinations and as such, it provides wonderful suggestions for travelers interested in excursions in Morocco. Here are a few destinations you can reach from the city in one day.

Morocco excursion to Meknes

Meknes is a small city that, like Marrakech and Fez, is a World Heritage Site and an Imperial City since it once served as the seat of the kingdom. It is typically discovered as an excursion from nearby Fez because of its smaller size and less developed tourism infrastructure (50 min, 60 km).

Morocco excursion to Volubilis

One of the biggest and most intriguing Roman archaeological sites in North Africa is Volubilis (80 km, 1 hour and a half). For those who spend a few days in Fez and are interested in history and culture, it is a must-do excursion.

Morocco excursion to Ifrane

Ifrane: known as the ‘Switzerland of Morocco, is nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains, about 1,700 meters above sea level. Therefore, snow is not infrequent during the winter, which is why the roofs of its buildings are reminiscent of alpine villages in Europe.

Morocco excursion to Azrou National Park

Since this species and this tree are the two defining characteristics of this delicate natural habitat, Azrou National Park is also known as Monkey Forest or Cedar Park. Ifrane is not far away from it.

Morocco excursions From Casablanca to Rabat

Casablanca and Rabat are two cities on the Atlantic coast that are separated by around 90 kilometers. Because of this, trips between them can be made, leaving and returning on the same day. Additionally, these places make for interesting side trips to neighboring seaside towns like El Jadida or Kenitra.

Excursions From Marrakech of Morocco

Marrakech Morocco: Morocco offers a number of worthwhile trips in this region, particularly along its Mediterranean coast. You can choose locations as diverse as Tangier, Tetouan, Al-Hoceima, Nador, Ceuta, or Melilla as your starting point or your destination. And if we travel farther inland, we can encounter cities and locations in the Rif Mountains that are incredibly beautiful, such as Chaouen or the Talassemtane National Park.

If you are looking for excursions from Marrakech to the Atlas, you have several options. But undoubtedly one of the most interesting is ….

The day trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls is a perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city like Marrakech and will also mak…

The day trip to Agafay Desert or also called mini sahara can be a perfect option for you, since it is only 40 minutes away from Marrakech…

This excursion to Essaouira from Marrakech is a splendid opportunity to make a round trip in the same day, with which you can discover…

This day trip to Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate will take you through spectacular mountainous, desert and fortified landscapes with kasbahs…

There are a number of excursions from Marrakech and the Ourika Valley is certainly one of them…. This excursion also has the advantage…

What our Morocco excursions Can Offer You

We provide excursions in Morocco, so you may experience a country free of cliches, crowds, and restricted itineraries.

Private & personalized

Nobody else there, just you. Completely adapt your trip to your needs.

Without the crowds

experiences intended to transport you away from the masses to genuine local locations.

Dream routes and plans

We provide specific family-friendly programs for Morocco excursions. Essaouira, Ourika Valley, Ouzoud Waterfalls, Asni and Imlil Valley, Ouazazate and Ait Ben Haddou, Chaouen, Volubilis, Moulay Idriss, and many more are excursions that leave from Marrakech, Fez, or Casablanca.

Unforgettable experiences

Excursions to Morocco combine a variety of outdoor features, including miles of white sand beaches, shimmering dunes, lofty mountains, and chilly towns. All of this, together with influences from the Islamic, European, African, and French cultures, offer it a wide range of traditions.

Safe excursions at an economical price

Treat yourself to excursions and travel around Morocco, one of the most paradisiacal countries in Africa, in the company of your family and friends. The best thing is that you will be able to do it with professionals trained to show you the attractions of the places of your choice.

What is included in Morocco excursions?

With Vacations In Morocco, your excursion can be tailor-made to leave no stone unturned. In any case, there are several details that can never be missing in the experience:

Beyond that, we can offer services like lunch at a nearby eatery or while traveling, a photographic account of the trip, or a visit with an authorized guide at the venue.

Ready for your Morocco excursion?

Contact our agency to make your organization a success.

Budget for our Morocco excursions: Prices, Services, and Extras...

Fill out the form on the side to receive a free, no-obligation estimate from a Moroccan agency. We specialize in completely customized excursions, including service customization, language, transportation, and any other aspect of the location.

You will receive an email answer with the budget for your idea within 48/72 hours at the most. When planning a vacation to Morocco, consider not only the cost but also the quality of the services and the proximity of the treatment. And it is precisely what defines us!

Would you like your Morocco excursions at a reasonable price but without giving up quality services and personalized treatment? Then contact Vacations In Morocco: we are an agency specialized in this incredible country, adapting to all kinds of clients and needs. Therefore, we will prepare a budget tailored to you and without obligation so that you can get the most out of your money.

Opinions of our Morocco Excursions

Desert Excursions in Morocco
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I reserved Morocco Excursions for a 3-day desert tour from Fes to Marrakech after reading a lot of positive reviews and following a recommendation from The Huffington Post. Visits to Todra, Ouarzazate, and Marrakech are also part of the program. I can't express enough how wonderful Ali was as our tour guide and how knowledgeable he was about Morocco. For those seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I most definitely suggest this neighborhood tour provider.
Customized Morocco Excursions
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We chose to make our reservations with this travel agency after reading so many encouraging TripAdvisor reviews. I received a prompt reply from Mustapha via email, and we set up our vacation. Our reservation was confirmed when we made a little deposit (through PayPal), and everything went smoothly. Our tour guide for the 5-day trip from Marrakech to the Sahara was named Said. Said introduced us to his family and took us to several lovely locations. I would heartily suggest this travel company to everyone because it was one of my most memorable vacations.
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We had a great experience on this trip; everything, from the booking communication to the tour logistics for each day, was handled with care. Aziz, our excellent tour guide, either already knew the answers to our queries or took the time to look them up for us. He snapped pictures of us and with us! Definitely, we'd suggest it!

Frequently asked questions about our excursions in Morocco

If you have questions about our Morocco excursions, here we have compiled for you some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our travelers:

Are you interested in this exotic African country and would you like to spend enough time getting to know its culture and customs? Then our organized tours to Morocco are ideal for you.

This type of trip is characterized by being previously planned by the professionals of Morocco Tourism. They are proposals from 2 days to 16 days exploring the country. Those who are looking for specific experiences in the deserts, mountains, beaches, or lakes can also enjoy an organized trip to Morocco, focused on a specific region or environment. All you have to do is fill in a form on our website and check the prices and dates available.

We are an agency that specialized in tailor-made trips, so you only have to tell us your needs and we will elaborate a plan that fits you.

One advantage of our tours in Morocco is that they are ready to be enjoyed ‘from now, as they have been designed to cover all seasons of the year and to make the most of your stay in each location. In this way, nothing will be left to chance and no attraction will be left to be discovered, always with a guarantee of safety and with a personalized and close treatment. Thus, when you return home you will feel that you will have taken advantage of everything that each place and each season of the year can offer.

Yes, you can customize any suggestion in our portfolio to fit your preferences and requirements, turning it into “your Morocco tour.” The tours that we list on this website serve as an illustration and compile the majority of the most well-liked itineraries among our clients, showing the level of organization and optimization that goes into our packages. However, you will always have the option to alter each journey by including extra days, cities, monuments, natural settings, or experiences.

Sure, if you want. An international travel firm that specializes in private and custom tours in Morocco is called Vacations In Morocco. In this instance, our tours are led by drivers and/or tour guides operating our cars solely for you and the rest of your expedition. Additionally, they speak your language, so communication is completely fluent and explanations are thorough in addition to being familiar with the local language, culture, and geography.

Our agency organizes these tours in Morocco from different departure points. Therefore, you can choose where to start your tour, based on your preferences. The main options to choose from are Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier. But we adapt to you and we can start from any other place in the country or even from Ceuta, in Spanish territory, if you wish.

Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the cities that offers more possibilities since it is considered the tourist epicenter of the country for its historical and artistic monuments, its rich culture, and its strategic location, close to the Atlantic coast, the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and other interesting cities in the center. For this reason, it is the place from which most of our agency’s tours depart.

Casablanca is another interesting option as a starting point. Being the largest city in Morocco, its international airport is very well connected with other countries and with other Moroccan cities. Of all the proposals starting in this great city, the 16-day tour stands out, with which you can discover Morocco in its entirety, that is, a tour of practically the whole country, ideal for those who have many free days and do not want to miss any place of interest.

Although on our website you can access to a wide range of information about the country and our services, you can contact us for any general or specific question about our organized trips to Morocco. In this way, we will be able to give you a precise indication of our rates, which are adapted to the number of participants, their ages, the duration of the tour, the range of accommodations and services booked, etc.

All your questions and suggestions will be handled by our online professionals. For this, we guarantee security in communications, detailed and affordable quotations, and flexibility in the configuration of the final proposal. And once we are in Morocco, we will provide unforgettable moments that will remain imprinted in your memory for life. Contact us, because the trip of a lifetime starts right here.

Vacations In Morocco maintains an unwavering commitment to the sustainability of the planet. Therefore, all our organized trips to Morocco are configured from the philosophy of minimal environmental impact, leaving no trace in those places we visit and travel.

In addition, we are very aware of the local fauna and flora, so we act with the utmost responsibility in vulnerable environments and treat with respect to specimens of endangered species, such as Barbary monkeys, without promoting or participating in activities that cause uprooting of their natural habitat.

In addition, at Vacation In Morocco, we encourage local economy and development. All our drivers and guides are natives and experts with knowledge of their land, who find in this activity the best way to guarantee the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Some of the most popular tours and Morocco excursions

Discover the most popular Morocco trips and tours at the best price. Here we bring you a selection of some of the best tours to Morocco, totally private with a driver/guide in your language.

Morocco is a diverse country that serves as a gateway to Africa. Epic mountain ranges, ancient ruins, vast deserts, and kind people can all be found here.