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Both our solo and group, Fes vacations are particularly well-liked. When it comes to the Moroccan cities where people fly. We’re referring to Fes, a city rich in culture. As a result, our tour operator team, “VIM,” has created a number of itineraries in accordance with certain old client requests. Please contact us if you want to modify the itinerary of a tour to a different city or location. Couples, families, and small groups are all welcome on our desert tours departing from Fes. Additionally, we are able to arrange a private solo tour.

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Fes vacations offer a unique atmosphere. This imperial city, with its rich history of multiculturalism, was founded in the year 13 and still has some unexpected surprises for tourists. The UNESCO-designated exceptional universal value of the Fes Medina, with its ancient walls, awaits your exploration. Take a leisurely walk through the labyrinthine streets of the Fez-El-Bali neighborhood. You can easily enter the medina through the famous Bab Boujloud gate.

Fes is indeed a stunning city in its own right

In its prime, Fes drew academics and thinkers, mathematicians and lawyers, as well as theologians and astronomers. Their homes and palaces were erected by artisans, mosques, and madrasas (religious schools) were funded by kings, and traders sold them goods from the sub-Saharan and silk trade routes. Even though Fez saw a decline in power at the start of the 19th century, it is nevertheless a remarkably self-assured city with a captivating cultural and spiritual heritage. Even though there are still certain areas of the largest car-free metropolitan area that are in ruins, government attempts to rehabilitate the city are beginning to bear fruit. Donkeys still transport items through the maze of passageways.

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Your spending limit and travel arrangements, and fulfill all of your requirements. We provide a range of Morocco Fes tours to various places so that you can better understand Moroccan culture. We also offer trips to the Moroccan desert so that you can take in the breathtaking views of the sand dunes and learn about various other customs and ways of living. While you can also reserve Morocco Fez tours which are all-inclusive packages that will take you to the top Moroccan tourist attractions. Vacations In Morocco also has a unique function that enables our customers to suggest their travel itinerary, and we’ll turn it into a custom tour that fits your preferences and price range.

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Explore Fes, Morocco’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the King’s Palace, Jewish Mellah, Kairouine University, and more with Vacations in Morocco. End your trip to Fes or another city of your choice. Customize itineraries departing from Fes with accommodations, private transportation, a driver, and an English-speaking guide. Enjoy a seamless and personalized travel experience.

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Morocco is a country rich in history, culture, and traditions and makes for the ideal getaway; hence, Vacations in Morocco recommends it. We give you the option to tailor and personalize your trip to Morocco so that it meets your needs in terms of your spending limit, the number of people traveling with you, the duration of your stay, and, of course, the Moroccan experiences you want to have. We’ll recommend a trip to you based on your preferences and needs for travel. Every step of the journey, our team of travel experts is here to guide you and offer advice.

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We provide Fes vacations, so you may experience a country free of cliches, crowds, and restricted itineraries.

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Nobody else there, just you. Completely adapt your trip to your needs.

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experiences intended to transport you away from the masses to genuine local locations.

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Our experts will inform you of everything you need to know about the areas you'll be seeing on your Fes vacations, including what to avoid and what to do.

With a local expert

from historical information to the most recent health laws.

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Fes vacations will take you to beautiful places along the way to photograph. Whether you just bought your first camera or you are already a keen photographer, our Fes vacations offer great opportunities to find them out with us.


It was a really enjoyable vacation. The most crucial thing was that we met Ali, a very responsible driver and guide, and Aziz, a very kind and understanding gentleman. The daily schedule was well thought out, and they guided us to every attraction. Additionally, the accommodations offered were better maintained and more attentive. In comparison to other travel agents, this one's price is still fair. The trip was fantastic overall, and Ali and Aziz made for wonderful, thoughtful hosts. Traveling here is worthwhile.


Vacations In Morocco

We are a team of three who work with Hamid from Vacations In Morocco to plan excursions and transportation. From Agadir, through the Moroccan imperial cities, it took four days. Throughout the entire tour, Hassan served as our driver and was extremely attentive, kind, amiable, and knowledgeable. The vehicle was brand-new and really cozy. Hamid contacted us each day to check on how our trip was going and was very attentive. The experience was wonderful and lived up to our expectations. We appreciate you all very much, and we still have the desert to explore. They are definitely someone we would work with again and highly suggests.


Vacations In Morocco

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