Christmas and new year in Morocco

New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Epiphany trip to Morocco

When even the smallest detail is important

Enjoy a New Year's trip in the Sahara Desert

Would you like to spend a New Year’s Eve in Morocco to do something really different this Christmas? Come to the Sahara desert!

An original and different travel proposal

We want to offer you something really unique… Why not spend the holidays with your friends and family in Morocco, specifically in the Sahara Desert? Learn about the sensation of turning a new page in the calendar while enjoying the fire, drum displays, and Berber sounds. Enjoy a wonderful supper, beverages, and a unique party beneath a stunning canopy of stars.

Break away from the routine and experience this magical moment. More and more guests choose to join us for New Year’s Eve. You can’t miss it, so move quickly.

New Year's Eve, Christmas and Epiphany tours around Morocco

Our company arranges upscale, completely private, and custom vacations all throughout Morocco. These excursions are ideal for celebrating a memorable New Year’s Eve in the best company in a location as enchanting and unique as Morocco.

There is no location more wonderful to ring in the new year than in the Moroccan desert, so we heartily advise that on December 31, the final day of the year, you spend it there.

The Sahara desert has a vibe and a magnificent setting that will make you vibrate and have one of the most unique experiences of your life. In addition to having a great time, you can also start the new year with the best energy.
You only need to let us know your schedule and the places you prefer to see, and we’ll develop an entirely customized route for you

New Year and Christmas tours packages In Morocco

Every year, New Year’s is a wonderful day that the majority of us wish to remember forever. It can be challenging to find the ideal New Year’s Eve travel deal for such a special occasion. You can find just what you need here. Participate in one of our New Year’s Eve journeys to the Moroccan desert by booking our services. Are you ready to learn about the routes and activities we have planned for you for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Morocco?

With these spectacular Marrakech vacations, have a guided tour of the fascinating Medina, travel to the desert, enjoy cultural performance…

Nothing is more pleasurable than Tangier vacations. tour in Tangier is the perfect opportunity to indulge in all of your beachy fantasies…

If you want to plan your trip to Fes vacations and you need help to make different tours that allow you to see and discover every corner…

We have customized some tours from Casablanca according to the request of previous clients. And as the Sahara desert is the highlight…

Every year, New Year’s is a wonderful day that the majority of us wish to remember forever. It can be challenging to find the ideal New Year’s Eve travel deal for such a special occasion. You can find just what you need here. Participate in one of our New Year’s Eve journeys to the Moroccan desert by booking our services. Are you ready to learn about the routes and activities we have planned for you for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Morocco? Consider going to Morocco to celebrate Christmas and the new year.

It’s a creative idea that also makes sense economically. Prices will be more forgiving for travelers who suffer from the exoticism of the East because there aren’t as many tourists in northern Africa at the moment.

Moroccan New Year's and Christmas celebrations

Muslim people make up the great majority of Moroccans. Dec. 31’s Christmas decorations are therefore more of a homage to visitors from other countries. The majority of Christmas decorations can be found at European nightclubs, hotels, and shopping malls.

Check the menu while planning to spend the New Year in a Moroccan restaurant so you’ll know what to get for the festive table. In a Tajine, the most delectable and well-liked Moroccan delicacies are prepared. a unique cone-shaped ceramic pan with a cone-shaped lid. Try the grilled vegetable stew, harîrah soup, and chicken baked with veggies and lemon. The best way to describe Moroccan sweets is as exuberant New Year’s Eve fare. Puff pastries and ginger biscuits are the most well-liked and delectable.

If you don’t mind a sweet and even sweeter combination, it’s advisable to order a cup of mint tea or a strong cup of coffee with cardamom. Moroccan red Taleb and white Valpierre wines are the nation’s celebratory alcoholic beverages.

If you’ve traveled by plane to Casablanca, a nightclub is an ideal location to continue the celebrations. On the Corniche promenade, most of the nightlife is focused. Nightclubs are widely available in Casablanca. On New Year’s Eve, it is best to make reservations far in advance if you want a table.
El Fna Square in ancient Marrakech is renowned for hosting spectacular entertainment every evening. There are fire eaters and snake charmers, acrobats and illusionists, dancers, and occasionally pickpockets. On New Year’s Eve, be on the lookout for your wallets as the carnival in Marrakech’s center begins and the crowds grow.

Morocco during the new year: Why?

The dates of numerous holidays in Morocco change every year since they are determined using the lunar calendar. It is important to note that religious holidays are observed with greater solemnity than secular ones.

Islam is the official faith. Therefore, we might conclude that Christians in Morocco only celebrate Christmas privately and at home. occasionally in front of their pastor, who is compelled to keep his beliefs a secret. Two groups of Christians exist in Morocco. Those who praise God in French and those who celebrate in Arabic.

If you have a trip planned to Morocco to ring in the New Year, you should know that February 9 is customarily the day. On this day, businesses and government offices are closed. A family festival, New Year’s Day commemorates the day the Prophet Mohammed introduced the Islamic calendar.

because of the heavy influx of visitors during the peak travel period. Moroccan residents enjoy ringing in the New Year on the eve of December 31 and January 1. As a result, prices are typically higher during this time. primarily based on the specifics of the entertainment program and the vacation spot chosen.

The price of christmas and new year's vacations to Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful nation that offers all the options for a luxurious vacation with very reasonable costs. The expense of a vacation will mostly rely on how well-liked the resort is. It also depends on the type of trip you take and the number of days you reserve.

Some breathtaking locations in Morocco to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

The tranquil city of Marrakech is the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Morocco. Discover all the treasures of the Red City by immersing yourself in the center of a vibrant, busy city. Take advantage of your visit to Marrakech to uncover all the secrets concealed there. It’s the ideal blend of wildness and culture.
Before ringing in the new year in Marrakech, the Palmeraie is the best site to begin your day of exploration. Such a tranquil and calm setting. You can stroll through its lanes and take in the peace of the area, a true sensory experience.

In Marrakech, you should not miss the Majorelle Garden. It is comparable to touring the souks and the medina to fully experience Moroccan culture. One of the most popular destinations in Marrakech is the Majorelle Garden. A must-see is this botanical garden, which can be found in the city’s northwest Guéliz neighborhood. There is a bamboo grove, a cactus garden, as well as a variety of other succulent plants and flowers. Far from the bustle of the city, it is the perfect spot to unwind.
Entertaining Moroccan-style dinners featuring regional cuisine and exotic dance are served in the evening. After that, enjoy the New Year in one of the city’s clubs.
On New Year’s Eve in Marrakech, you may expect to make wonderful discoveries in a welcoming atmosphere.

What if you celebrated New Year’s Eve this year by the sea in Morocco? Essaouira will entice you with its peaceful lifestyle and stunning scenery. Explore the city’s richness at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. the port, the ramparts, and the medina. In Essaouira, you won’t have time to become bored.
Not to be missed are the city’s souks. The ideal location to interact with locals and fully experience Moroccan culture.

Spend some time sipping a flavorful Moroccan tea before dining on a vibrant supper in one of the town’s many restaurants at the end of the day.
Take advantage of your time in Essaouira to sample the local cuisine. Moroccan holiday favorites include meatballs, chicken tagine, and a leg of lamb with prunes.
Start the new year in Essaouira by extending the evening in a bar or by taking advantage of the pleasant evening to wander on the beach.

Being in the middle of the Moroccan desert on New Year’s Eve is a singular and unforgettable experience. What is the schedule? To get to your overnight camp, take a camel ride and a walk across the dunes. Gather around a campfire and spend a friendly time in the desert beneath the stars of Morocco after a fantastic day of exploration.
Your dinner for New Year’s Eve will be quite creative. For a guaranteed change of scenery, try bread baked in the sand, tajine with prunes, followed by tea and Moroccan pastries.

The New Year’s Eve celebration will thereafter take place amidst the desert’s quiet dunes. To ring in the new year in Morocco, and spend New Year’s Eve in the desert is sure to be amazing!
Last but not least, for a New Year’s Eve away from the drabness of winter, pick Morocco to gently ring in the new year. For your New Year’s Eve in Morocco, festive meals with regional flair, cultural excursions, and exciting evenings are in store for you.

Some breathtaking locations in Morocco to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

Are you open to spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Morocco in late December? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Vacations In Morocco, a company that specializes in planning Morocco tours for various types of tourists.

Are you ready to experience a different kind of Christmas?

Budget for spending New year In Morocco: Prices, Services, and Extras...

Fill out the form on the side to receive a free, no-obligation estimate from a Moroccan agency. We specialize in completely customized excursions, including service customization, language, transportation, and any other aspect of the location.

You will receive an email answer with the budget for your idea within 48/72 hours at the most. When planning a vacation to Morocco, consider not only the cost but also the quality of the services and the proximity of the treatment. And it is precisely what defines us!

Would you like your New year in Morocco at a reasonable price but without giving up quality services and personalized treatment? Then contact Vacations In Morocco: we are an agency specialized in this incredible country, adapting to all kinds of clients and needs. Therefore, we will prepare a budget tailored to you and without obligation so that you can get the most out of your money.

Is it feasible to ring in the new year in Morocco?

Yes, you may celebrate the new year in Morocco. In fact, this is one of the busiest times of year for travel to Morocco, as visitors from over the globe flock to the country to celebrate the New Year in Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Agadir, and of course the truly unique Sahara Desert.

How should we plan for our journey to the desert in the coming year?

We can and will organize your trip to the desert, where you will have an incredible time at a New Year’s Eve party in the dunes. We own a hotel in the desert, and our long history and experience organizing this kind of party are exceptional. You will always remember it and this will be one of the best trips of your life. In this desert area you will find that these small villages provide the best opportunity to do all the activities you have always dreamed of doing in a desert: Camel trekking, sandboarding, admiring the wonderful Sahara desert from the dunes of Erg Chebbi, visiting an oasis, local markets or enjoying the spectacle of the starry sky from a comfortable and luxurious desert camp.

Which locations are available for New Year's Eve?

Despite the fact that we specialize in planning New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Sahara, we also plan celebrations in Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, and Agadir. Actually, we may customize our services to meet your demands. Marrakech is a city filled with stimulating sights, sounds, colors, and scents. Morocco’s “blue city” is Chefchaouen. The fact that Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco accounts for its abundance of eateries, bars, clubs, galleries, museums, and other cultural and recreational venues.

Where should I fly into if I want to attend a Moroccan New Year's Eve party?

Everything depends on where you wish to spend the Moroccan New Year. You’ll probably wish to attend an incredible New Year’s Eve celebration amid the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. You should arrive in Fez or Marrakech for this. However, we can also begin a desert excursion in Casablanca. Any flight arriving in Tangier or Fez is likewise acceptable if you want to stay in the northern part of Morocco.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from travelers who want to know this jewel of southern Morocco. Here are the answers in case they might be helpful for your next trip:

The Moroccan desert is far safer than the towns, in fact. The Moroccan authorities closely monitor the entire eastern Sahara region, which is a popular tourist destination and where security is guaranteed.
In order to avoid risks, you must travel in familiarity with the terrain and use common sense. Keep in mind that these are extremely isolated regions, many of which lack telephone service.

Yes, you can alter and entirely tailor any of our excursions to suit your preferences and needs. To assist and counsel you, we will always be available.

Click here and send us a message with your request. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible regarding availability of dates, a number of people, place of arrival in the country, place of departure… the more information we have about your trip, the better we will be able to adapt to it.

Yes: All our tours are private. We are an incoming travel agency in Morocco specializing in private and tailor-made trips, as we are sure that this is the best way to know the country. All our trips are designed just for you so that you can travel at your own pace and to your liking.

Our excursions typically always include breakfast, and in more remote regions, meals as well. This gives you more freedom in the tourist centers to sample the local cuisine and take advantage of the variety of dining alternatives available there.
However, if you let us know if you have any unique requirements, we will design the desert tour according to your instructions.

All of our trips include a native guide driver who speaks your native tongue and is well-versed in the desert. As a result, they can show you these off-the-beaten-path locations in complete safety and authenticity. In addition to the driver, we’ll suggest official guides when the location calls for a more in-depth explanation.

Every one of our tours is created with the welfare of the environment in mind. By solely employing native and local guides, we support the local economy and treat the environment with the utmost respect.

Yes, we have daily departures. Being totally private trips we can start them any day of the year and adapt completely to your schedules and particular needs. Contact us and together we will elaborate a circuit to the desert of Morocco completely to your liking.

Best reviews during the New year In Morocco:

Top New year`s Eve ever
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Incredible Journeys My husband and I had a trip to Morocco that we will always remember. We made the decision to travel for seven days over the New Year's vacation and booked a five-day tour with Amazing Journeys that began in Marrakesh and ended at desert camp (a must-do!). Every encounter seemed distinctive and natural, as opposed to being bundled like many excursions. You have the opportunity to meet with Moroccan nomads and learn about some of their lifestyles.I can't emphasize enough how wonderfully everything was set up. Every Riad where we stayed was welcoming, cozy, and offered delicious meals. Hassan, our guide, was well informed about the area's history and geography. He never failed to make us feel at ease.
Amazing Desert New year trip
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"It was a very amazing experience. When we first met Youssef, he truly made the trip unforgettable. We started our trip from Tangier to Marrakech by driving over the sand dunes with a terrific guide named Said. We traveled to the desert and experienced hallucinations, especially while camped out under the stars and saw much of Morocco's topography from north to south. We are grateful to Youssef and Said for teaching us about another nation, its people, and their way of life. You are a lovely family.

Morocco holidays and New Year's tours - Unique Vacations In Morocco

Morocco is a diverse country that serves as a gateway to Africa. Epic mountain ranges, ancient ruins, vast deserts, and kind people can all be found here.

People who like sightseeing and beach vacations frequently choose tours to Morocco. likewise risky actions on land and in the water. The ideal time to surf in Morocco is during the winter. because the Atlantic Ocean’s waves are at their highest point at this time.
Casablanca, Essaouira, Fes, Rabat, Agadir, and the city of Marrakech are the top tourist destinations in Morocco. There are also inexpensive tours to Ouarzazate, Errachidia, and El Jadida from Marrakech.

Whether you prefer authentic markets, delectable food, or the beautiful outdoors, there is a Marrakech private holiday that is perfect for you. Every excursion, from bustling Souk visits to day hikes in the Atlas Mountains, is certain to be a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to your tour expert.

Zagora desert tour is one of the most popular, for two reasons: the beauty of its sandy landscape and its proximity to Marrakech.

This program is unquestionably one of the most popular. It’s a 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga full of new discoveries.

It is possible to do a camel trek and overnight camping in the deep desert on a 3-day Marrakech to Fes desert Tour.

During this Marrakech to Merzouga tour, see the beautiful Atlas Mountains, ride a camel into the desert, and overnight in Berber Camp.

Desert Tour From Marrakech Itinerary to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the south of Morocco, with its Atlas Mountains, gorges, valley

For those who arrive in Marrakech and depart in Tangier, a 5-day from Marrakech to Tangier Desert tour via Chefchaouen is the finest option.

Marrakech To Merzouga Desert Itinerary will take you to one of the most aesthetically spectacular places on earth, learning about the habits

Combine culture, desert adventures, and seaside relaxation with this 7 days from Marrakech to Essaouira desert Tour

Desert tour from Marrakech to Tangier through the Imperial Cities: Fes, Marrakech, Meknes. Enjoy the views of mountains and explore Volubilis

8 days itinerary From Marrakech through imperial cities will permit you to explore the amazing wonders of Morocco. In this private tour,…

Take a personalized 8-day Morocco tour from Marrakech. Highlights the finest of Morocco; enjoy landscapes along the Moroccan coast

In this desert vacation in Marrakech, we will discover the most spectacular corners of sahara, traveling through its three characteristic Ergs

Travelers can experience both the north and the south of Morocco on tours that depart from Tangier to several imperial cities and the Sahara desert. These tours, which last anywhere from 3 to 14 days, are jam-packed with excitement. Explore the blue city of Chefchaouen, Fes, the Merzouga Sahara Desert, and more!

Desert excursions and vacations in Morocco from Tangier will introduce you to the Moroccan environment and culture and provide you with an unforgettable Moroccan vacation with the assistance of professional drivers and guides.

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The Blue city of Morocco and the Sahara Desert are just a couple of the places you’ll experience on your 7-day Morocco vacation from Tangier

8 days are more than enough to make an extraordinary Morocco tour from Tangier to Marrakech, you will explore the most attractive places in.

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fulfill all your criteria, stay within your budget, and make your trip plans. We offer a variety of Fes Morocco vacations to different locations so that you can learn more about Moroccan culture. Additionally, we provide excursions into the Moroccan desert where you may observe the magnificent sand dunes and discover a variety of cultural traditions and lifestyles.

While you can also book all-inclusive Morocco Fes excursions that will take you to the country’s leading tourist destinations.

Additionally, Vacations In Morocco offers a unique feature that lets consumers suggest their vacation plans; we’ll then create a personalized tour that suits your needs and budget.

Are you going to be in the northern part of Morocco and don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the Sahara, even if only fleetingly

This program is unquestionably one of the most popular. It’s a 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga full of new discoveries.

Monuments of great beauty and dunes in the heart of the Sahara. This is how we could summarize the highlights of this Merzouga desert tour…

Two Imperial Cities and the Sahara Desert, all in the same tour from Fes. These are the highlights of this one-week tour in Morocco…

Morocco in ten days with a concentration on the two most significant cities and the magic of the desert? In this tour, one of the most…

We have created a few itineraries departing from Casablanca in response to requests from past clients. The Sahara desert is also the main draw for Moroccan trips. We, therefore, prepared every route to Merzouga as well as a portion of them to the Zagora desert. In addition, we design exclusive Casablanca excursions to well-known tourist, commercial, and cultural destinations.

You must purchase a vacation package while in Casablanca. or are you just interested in visiting the desert from Casablanca? You’ve come to the right place.

If you like to discover historical-artistic monuments of the highest level, this proposal is designed for you: our 6 days in Morocco through…

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9 days tour from Casablanca, your trip in Morocco can take very different directions. And the one we present you in this tour is one of the most…

12 days tour from Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco, is a good place to start a great route through the main destinations of the country…

Would you like to travel all over Morocco, from north to south and from east to west, from the interior to the coast, from the high mountains…