12-day Morocco tour from Tangier

From Tangier to Marrakech: 12 days of Morocco’s main attractions

Tour Details: 12-day Morocco tour from Tangier to Marrakech

Location Of Departure

The driver will greet you at the airport or wherever you specify in Tangier

Last Destination

We will transfer you to the location you specify in Marrakech

Duration Of The Tour

12 days and 11 nights

Time Of Departure

The tour vacation starts at 8:00 a.m.

Exclusive 12-day Morocco tour: Discover Morocco from North to South

Looking for a comprehensive Morocco tour in under two weeks? Look no further! Our 12-day Morocco itinerary covers the country’s top attractions, showcasing its distinct offerings like the sea, desert, mountains, monumental cities, and rich traditions. With expert guides, you’ll delve into Morocco’s diverse wonders and gain a deep understanding of this unique destination. Get ready to explore an entire country in a remarkably short time!

Natural landscapes are among Morocco's main attractions

Morocco offers a captivating blend of diverse landscapes. Towering mountains adorned with snow-covered peaks year-round, cedar forests inhabited by Barbary monkeys, untouched coastlines kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, and the varying facets of the desert—hamadas, palm oases, wadis, and golden sand dunes—all coexist in this remarkable country and within our tour. These contrasting natural wonders embody Morocco’s main allure, captivating travelers from across the globe, whether they hail from nearby or distant lands.

Architecture and traditions: Morocco's extraordinary human footprint

In addition to nature, Morocco’s main attractions also include the mark that man has left on this territory for thousands of years. We are talking about both architecture and popular customs, which have forged the country’s hallmark. In terms of monuments, we will find incredible constructions of two millennia of history, such as the Roman ruins of Volubilis. We will also know medinas full of charm, with mosques, mausoleums, and royal palaces of enormous value. Or even kasbahs or Berber fortresses in the middle of the desert, fundamental in the caravan routes that once vertebrated the country.

But just as fascinating as these great works are the small everyday creations, samples of local craftsmanship and customs: from leather goods to songs with sub-Saharan rhythms, through dishes full of flavor. And all this will occupy its deserved space in this circuit through the main attractions of Morocco.

Highlights: 12-day Morocco tour from Tangier to Marrakech

Itinerary: 12-day Morocco tour from Tangier to Marrakech

To discover the main attractions of Morocco, this tour will cover all the cardinal points of its geography. It will start in Tangier, in the north, and will end in Marrakech, in the heart of this country. Here is the exact itinerary, day by day.

Day 1: From Tangier to Assilah

Upon your arrival in Tangier, whether by air or ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar, your first day of this 12-day Morocco tour from Tangier will commence. Our team will be ready to greet you and escort you in a private vehicle. From there, our driver will kickstart your journey through Morocco’s finest attractions.

Notably, the quaint village of Asilah, located approximately 50 miles away, is a highlight of the itinerary. Often hailed as a hidden gem in the region, this village graces the Atlantic coast. The town’s distinctive charm arises from its enchanting medina alleys and historic Portuguese military structures. The waters surrounding Asilah possess a unique hue, while the urban center exudes a captivating appeal. The white-washed houses, adorned in shades of blue, and the immaculate streets further enhance its allure.

With all of this to experience, dedicating the rest of the day to Asilah proves worthwhile. After indulging in leisure time to explore the village, you’ll find repose in a charming riad nestled within the heart of the medina.

Summary of the first day

Day 2: From Asilah to Chaouen via Tetouan

On the second day of your journey, you’ll encounter two enchanting destinations that will surely captivate you, especially if you found the white and blue hues of Asilah’s medina appealing. The first stop is Tetouan, and the second is Chaouen. After a delightful breakfast at the Asilah riad, we’ll set off for Tetouan. Its old town, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is predominantly painted white, earning Tetouan the moniker of the “White Dove.” Notably, this city showcases Spanish influences due to its historical role as the capital of the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco during the twentieth century.

After your exploration of Tetouan, the journey continues to Chaouen, also known as Chefchaouen. Even more captivating is its nickname, the ‘blue city,’ owing to the pervasive blue tones that grace its medina. The inhabitants contribute to its unique atmosphere through the careful maintenance of houses and establishments. Despite its small size, many consider Chaouen one of the main attractions of Morocco.

This day will provide you with your first introduction to Chaouen, characterized by steep inclines and winding streets nestled amidst the Rif Mountains. Following this exploratory stroll, you’ll find respite in a charming riad located within the medina.

Summary of the second day

Day 3: Chaouen

Following a satisfying breakfast at the Chaouen riad, the day ahead invites you to explore at your own pace, making it the perfect opportunity to discover the town’s most iconic attractions. Of particular note is the Kasbah, home to a museum that welcomes visitors. The local souks are also well worth your time, offering a selection of crafts created by the town’s residents. Meandering through the medina’s alleys, even though some may be steep, will undoubtedly bring joy. And if you venture to the various viewpoints scattered around the vicinity and the highest vantage points, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas that exude charm, encompassing both the clustered village of Chaouen and the towering Rif Mountains that flank it.

As the evening approaches, you’ll return to your riad in the medina, conveniently located close to the heart of this quaint town, ensuring you a peaceful night’s rest after your explorations.

Summary of the third day

Day 4: From Chaouen to Rabat

The fourth day of our journey promises a striking contrast: after enjoying breakfast at the riad, we’ll transition from the quaint charm of Chaouen to the grandeur of Rabat, the populous capital city of Morocco. Rabat holds a rightful place as one of the country’s premier tourist destinations, even if it occasionally doesn’t receive the immediate spotlight on travel itineraries. Distinguished landmarks like the Kasbah of the Oudayas, the revered mausoleum of Mohamed V, and the iconic Hassan Tower, which often draws comparisons to Seville’s Giralda, exemplify monumental architecture. These structures not only share a common era but also belong to the same architectural tradition. Their significance contributed to Rabat’s inclusion on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

While these major monuments are a must for your independent exploration of the city, Rabat’s museums, bustling souks, and the inviting beach—shared with the adjacent Salé—offer equally appealing experiences, especially during the vibrant summer season when the beach buzzes with locals. With such a diverse array of attractions, an overnight stay in Rabat is essential, and for this purpose, you will find accommodations in a charming riad nestled within the historic heart of Rabat.

Summary of the fourth day

Day 5: From Rabat to Fes via Volubilis and Meknes

Rabat, dubbed an ‘Imperial City’ due to its status as the kingdom’s capital since 1912, sets the stage for the fifth day of our journey, during which we’ll uncover two other Imperial Cities: Meknes and Fes. However, prior to this exploration, our itinerary holds more surprises. After enjoying breakfast at the Rabat riad, we’ll embark on a road trip to the archaeological site of Volubilis, an ancient Roman city from the era when this region formed part of the province of Mauritania Tingitana. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this location preserves ruins of immense historical significance, including architectural marvels like the columns of the Temple of Jupiter, the exquisite mosaics, and the impressive Arch of Caracalla.

Following our visit to this archaeological treasure, we’ll proceed to Meknes, another of Morocco’s Imperial Cities and a prominent tourist attraction. Its distinction as an Imperial City emerged during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, a period during which he designated Meknes as his capital. The city boasts his grand mausoleum, a captivating medina, and the remnants of an impressive city wall, complete with monumental gates like the renowned Bab Mansour. These attributes, coupled with its UNESCO World Heritage status, cement Meknes’ significance.

After a self-guided exploration of Meknes, we’ll journey to yet another UNESCO-listed Imperial City: Fes. Our arrival is anticipated by day’s end, but to truly delve into Fes’s richness, which renders it a cornerstone attraction of Morocco in both cultural and touristic realms, we’ll reserve an entire day. Consequently, you’ll have free time to acquaint yourself with the city’s essence before retiring for the night at a charming riad, allowing you to rejuvenate for the forthcoming adventures.

Summary of the fifth day

Day 6: Fes

Each morning at your riad begins with a delightful breakfast, setting the stage for another day of exploration in this captivating city. Accompanied by an authorized local guide, you’ll embark on a well-structured itinerary to make the most of your time in Fes. Fes’s old town boasts a wealth of monuments awaiting your discovery. The iconic Karaouine Mosque, esteemed medersas like Bou Inania, and artisan neighborhoods such as the tanners’ quarter stand out among the highlights. The Mellah, once a thriving hub for Sephardic Jews following their expulsion from Spain in 1492, provides another intriguing stop. Additionally, the exterior of the Royal Palace, adorned with resplendent golden doors, is not to be missed.

Should time constraints arise preventing you from visiting all these sites or others of interest, the afternoon offers flexibility. This unstructured time can be tailored to the preferences of each group—whether that means indulging in shopping, further exploration of landmarks, or delving deeper into the city’s vibrant life. As dusk falls, your riad from the previous night will welcome you back, offering respite just moments away from Fez’s grand monuments and captivating attractions.

Summary of the sixth day

Day 7: From Fes to Merzouga Desert Dunes

On this seventh day of the tour, you’ll embark on a journey through some of Morocco’s main natural attractions, culminating in your arrival in the long-awaited desert. This will be a day of extensive travel, commencing after breakfast at the riad when we pick up our vehicle. Along the way to the desert, you’ll discover some remarkable places. Firstly, we’ll visit Ifrane, a town nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains, often referred to as ‘Moroccan Switzerland’ due to its abundant rainfall and snowfall during the wet season. This results in buildings with distinctive gabled roofs, a rarity in Morocco.

Between Azrou and Ifrane lies the National Park of the same name, alternatively known as Cedar National Park or the Monkey Forest. Its appeal is self-explanatory: it’s a vast natural area filled with the iconic cedar trees of Morocco and is home to the largest population of Barbary macaques, a native primate species. Once we cross the Middle Atlas Mountains, our route takes us south through the Ziz Valley. In Erfoud, you’ll already sense the desert’s presence. This small city is renowned for its wealth of fossils and marbles, which we’ll explore during our journey. Approximately 50 kilometers further south, we’ll arrive in Merzouga, a town that lends its name to one of the most picturesque sections of the Sahara Desert.

In Merzouga, we’ll switch modes of transportation, exchanging our 4×4 for camels (one per person), the best means of traversing the vast sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Here, you’ll find the tented camp, where you’ll have dinner and spend the night. Your evening will commence with a welcome tea, followed by the opportunity to enjoy a Sahara desert sunset and marvel at its breathtaking starry night sky.

Summary of the seventh day

Day 8: Merzouga Desert - Black village

The eighth day of the journey immerses us in the heart of Morocco’s rich popular culture and age-old traditions. This experience unfolds after witnessing a stunning sunrise over the Erg Chebbi dunes, enjoying breakfast at the camp, returning to Merzouga on camelback, and refreshing with a shower (at the camp or the hotel in Merzouga, as per the chosen package).

Our first ethnographic excursion will lead us to Khamlia, also known as the ‘black village,’ owing to the predominantly black skin tone of its population, whose ancestors were slaves from distant Sudan. This heritage infuses them with sub-Saharan rhythms, which we will witness through a performance of Gnawa, an indigenous musical genre recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Subsequently, we’ll venture on 4×4 tracks that once formed part of the Paris-Dakar rally, injecting a touch of adrenaline into the day. Exploring ancient desert villages and kohl mines, we’ll ultimately reach a vantage point ideal for panoramic views of the Erg Chebbi dunes. A new encounter awaits with local inhabitants, this time with a group of desert nomads transitioning to a more settled lifestyle. Sharing tea and insights into their way of life, we’ll then return to our lodging. The afternoon will provide some free time for your leisure. The day will conclude with dinner and restful sleep in a hotel.

Summary of eighth day

Day 9: From Merzouga Desert to Ouarzazate via Todra Gorges and Dades Valley

On the ninth day of the tour, you bid farewell to the enchanting Erg Chebbi dunes and set out on a new adventure through the Moroccan desert. After a satisfying breakfast, your journey begins with a visit to the fascinating city of Rissani. Its vibrant historic medina boasts a traditional market filled with colorful local products, and it even has a charming donkey parking area, providing a glimpse into authentic daily life.

Our next destination is the Todra Gorges, a dramatic canyon famed among climbers for its towering 200-meter vertical walls. Yet, its awe-inspiring beauty captivates travelers of all kinds, whether admiring it from the road or on foot.

The tour then leads us through the Dades Valley, the Valley of the Roses, and the renowned Thousand Kasbahs Road, characterized by palm groves and Berber fortresses lining the path to Ouarzazate. Towards the end of the day or at the start of the next, we’ll visit the Kasbah of Taourirt, once the residence of the Lord of the Atlas and Pasha of Marrakech. If time permits, we might explore the renowned film studios of Ouarzazate, earning it the moniker ‘Hollywood of Morocco’. Our accommodation will be in a hotel, where dinner will also be served.

Summary of ninth day

Day 10: From Ouarzazate to Marrakech across Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou

As the sun rises on the tenth day, we will embark on a visit to one of Morocco’s prime attractions: the Ait Ben Haddou ksar. After having breakfast at the hotel in Ouarzazate, we will cover a distance of around 25 km by road to reach this compact and picturesque walled village. Even from a distance, the village’s clustered houses and fortified structures are a sight to behold, but the real magic lies within its walls. During our visit, we will explore its enchanting corners and discover its significance as one of the finest examples of Berber adobe architecture. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Ait Ben Haddou has also gained fame as a popular filming location, including in the third season of Game of Thrones.

After our time in Ait Ben Haddou, we will depart and head back towards the High Atlas mountains. Along the ascent, we’ll make a stop at the Telouet Kasbah, which shares historical ties with the Taourirt Kasbah through its connection to Thami El Glaoui, the Pasha of Marrakech. Crossing the High Atlas via the Tizi n’Tichka pass, a natural mountain pass that reaches over 2,200 meters above sea level, will offer us stunning panoramic views of the surroundings, as well as glimpses of tiny Berber villages.

Subsequently, we will make our way to Marrakech, where you will have the rest of the afternoon to explore freely. This stop serves as a precursor to the upcoming in-depth visit on the next day. You will spend the night in a charming riad located within the medina.

Summary of tenth day

Day 11: Marrakech

On the last day of this extensive Morocco tour, you will have breakfast at the riad before departing for your next destination. Whether it’s the airport for your departure or another location for further exploration, our team will arrange your transfer according to your plans. This concludes your 12-day tour from Tangier through the main attractions of Morocco, a country that boasts a diverse range of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. We hope you’ve had an unforgettable adventure filled with incredible sights, rich history, and memorable moments. Safe travels and thank you for choosing us to be part of your Moroccan exploration.

Summary of eleventh day

Day 12: Marrakech - Airport

As your 12-day tour from Tangier of Morocco’s main attractions draws to a close, your final day will begin with a satisfying breakfast in the medina. The morning will be dedicated to your preferences: if you have some time before your flight, you can explore the medina for any last-minute shopping or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Alternatively, if your flight is scheduled, our driver will be ready to provide a timely transfer to the airport. At the terminal, we’ll bid you farewell with heartfelt appreciation, hoping to welcome you back in the future for more explorations of Morocco’s diverse and captivating tourist destinations beyond what you’ve already experienced on this tour. Safe travels and until we meet again!

Summary of twelfth day

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Reviews: 12-Day Morocco tour from Tangier

We had a fantastic time with Addi during our 12-day trip from Tangier to Marrakech. This trip was a great educational opportunity, and I was quite pleased with the hospitality of Morocco. We visited Chefchaouen, Fes, the Dades Valley, Marrakesh, and Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, in addition to spending the night camped out in the Sahara. The hotels and restaurants that had been pre-arranged were of the highest caliber, and the local guides in Fes and Marrakesh provided a wealth of helpful knowledge that enhanced the vacation. Addi is a thoughtful and entertaining advisor. I strongly endorse this business for a fun (and cozy!) trip you can tailor to your requirements.


Vacations In Morocco

OMAR was a wonderful and affable tour guide. Our 12-day journey began with a pick-up in Tangier, followed by a drive through the High and Mid Atlas mountains, the Sahara Desert of Merzouga, Marrakech, and Essaouira, before flying out of Marrakech.. His suggestions for dining, setting up local guides in Fez and Marrakech, and lodging over the entire trip were superb. He gave us free time to independently visit smaller, safer towns, which was fantastic for trying to get to know the neighborhood. The journey to Merzouga was incredibly peaceful and breathtaking. During our lengthy trips, MBarak made sure we were kept amused with music and talk. I highly recommend Barak and his tour company to anyone who is looking for an adventure in Morocco for the reliability, comfort, entertainment, wonderful recommendations, and flexibility to customize your trip.


Vacations In Morocco

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