8-day: Morocco tour from north to south, from Tangier. World Heritage, desert and much more

Tour Details: 8-day Morocco tour From Tangier

Location Of Departure

The driver will greet you at the airport or wherever you specify in Tangier

Last Destination

We will transfer you to the location you specify in Marrakech

Duration Of The Tour

8 days and 7 nights

Time Of Departure

The tour vacation starts at 8:00 a.m.

Discover Morocco's Diversity: An 8-Day tour "North to South"

Exploring Morocco from north to south on an 8-day tour provides a comprehensive journey through the nation’s most beautiful and culturally rich locations. With your own vehicle and an English-speaking driver, you’ll have the flexibility to discover World Heritage Sites, unique desert regions, picturesque mountain ranges, and charming landscapes. Vacations in Morocco is your reliable partner in making this memorable journey a reality. The detailed itinerary is outlined below for your reference.

Tour Through Heritage: 8-Day Morocco Tour's World Heritage Sites

This 8-day tour spanning Morocco from north to south is not just a journey; it’s a cultural odyssey with a remarkable focus on World Heritage sites. With seven such sites in the itinerary, the tour offers a first-class exploration of Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. In Marrakech alone, you’ll encounter two of these sites: the historic Medina and the vibrant Jemaa el-Fna Square. The medinas of Fes, Meknes, and potentially Tetouan (depending on the program) also hold this prestigious designation. The ksar of Ait Ben Haddou is recognized for its exceptional Berber fortified architecture, while the archaeological site of Volubilis adds a spectacular and surprising dimension to the list. This tour is a curated cultural experience that unveils the essence of Morocco through its World Heritage treasures.

Monuments and Natural Wonders

In Morocco, the journey from north to south not only unveils spectacular monuments but also showcases a diverse array of fascinating natural landscapes, each possessing a unique beauty. One of the most eagerly anticipated highlights along the route is the mesmerizing Erg Chebbi dunes, nestled in the heart of the Merzouga desert. Others find delight in the enchanting mountainous environments found in both the High Atlas and Middle Atlas, as well as the captivating landscapes of the Rif region. Moreover, the valleys that meander between the Atlas Mountains and the far south, such as the Ziz, the Roses, and the Dades, offer incredible scenery, including dramatic rocky canyons like the Todra Gorges, adding another layer of allure to this unforgettable journey.

Highlights: 8-day Morocco tour

Travel plan

Our private vehicle with a driver will take you through Morocco from north to south, in eight days, starting in Tangier and ending in Marrakech. Here is a detailed itinerary

Day 1: From Tangier to Chaouen via Tetouan

This 8-day Morocco tour, spanning from north to south, commences in Tangier, strategically situated at the Strait of Gibraltar near Cape Espartel. Upon your arrival by air or sea, our English-speaking driver will be ready to meet you at the airport or port at the prearranged time. Depending on the arrival schedule, we may make our first stop in Tetouan. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tetouan’s historic medina exudes charm with its pervasive white color. Additionally, certain places outside the old town exhibit a distinct Spanish character, a reflection of its history as the capital of the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco in the 20th century.

Whether Tetouan is included or not, the latter part of the day will lead us to Chaouen, also known as Chefchaouen. Nestled in the Rif Mountains and adorned in blue hues, this picturesque town boasts enchanting streets, panoramic viewpoints, and a kasbah that transports us to bygone eras, reminiscent of a novel. After exploring the oldest part of the city, you’ll retire to a delightful riad in the heart of the medina for a relaxing evening.

Summary of the first day

Day 2: From Chaouen to Fes

The second day of this itinerary starts with breakfast at the riad in Chaouen, and then we continue the southbound journey, leaving behind the lush Rif Mountains. Given that this “Morocco from north to south” Tour spans 8 days, we have the flexibility to add a day to explore the attractions between Chaouen and Fes. The initial and particularly captivating stop is at the archaeological site of Volubilis, a city constructed by the Romans during the time when this region was part of the province of Mauritania Tingitana. This UNESCO World Heritage Site preserves invaluable remains, including imposing structures like the Temple of Jupiter, the Arch of Caracalla, and the mosaics from the most prestigious homes. The visit can be self-guided or led by a guide, depending on the group’s preferences.

In close proximity to Volubilis lies another UNESCO World Heritage Site: Meknes. Its historic medina still showcases notable buildings from its golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries, when Sultan Moulay Ismail established the capital here. Iconic sites like the Bab Mansur Gate or the Mausoleum of Ismail are sure to capture the attention of every visitor. Following the exploration of Meknes, we will continue the journey to Fes. This Imperial City, with its medina also holding UNESCO’s highest recognition, merits a full day of discovery. Therefore, this day provides ample time for a leisurely stroll before retiring for the night at your riad in the medina.

Summary of the second day

Day 3: Fes

After fueling up with breakfast at the riad, you’ll be set to explore Fes, hailed as the ‘cultural and religious capital of the country.’ This and much more will be expertly guided by the official local guide accompanying you on the city tour. The itinerary may include prestigious medersas or Quranic schools like Bou Inania, the Karaouine Mosque, and the Nejjarine Fountain. Additionally, you’ll traverse the bustling neighborhoods of the medina, including the tanners’ quarter. If time permits, a stroll through the Mellah and around the Royal Palace, adorned with its spectacular gilded gates, might be included.

Regardless, you’ll have the afternoon free to further explore or round out these visits, perhaps delving into detailed shopping, as Fes’s craftsmanship holds tremendous recognition throughout the country. In the evening, you’ll once again find rest in the riad located within the medina.

Summary of the third day

Day 4: From Fes to Merzouga Desert Dunes across Ifrane and Monkey Forest

Approaching the midpoint of this 8-day Morocco tour, from north to south, the day commences with breakfast at the riad in Fes. The morning journey will lead us to the Middle Atlas, concealing surprising corners within its mountains. The first stop is Ifrane, where buildings with gable roofs evoke cities from different latitudes, earning it the moniker ‘Moroccan Switzerland’ due to its common snowfall in winter. Between Ifrane and Azrou lies another delightful surprise, especially for nature enthusiasts: Cedar National Park, also known as Monkey Forest. The cedars create an intensely green landscape and serve as the perfect habitat for Barbary monkeys, an endangered primate species with one of its largest populations here.

Subsequently, we’ll traverse the Middle Atlas Mountains to head south through the Ziz Valley, with the Sahara Desert looming on the horizon. The presence of the desert becomes palpable in Erfoud, renowned for its fossils and marbles, as we’ll explore. Just 50 km further, we’ll reach the southernmost point of the way: Merzouga. In this town, named after a portion of the Sahara desert, we’ll exchange the car for camels (alternatively, 4×4 vehicles). This will lead us on an excursion through the golden dunes of soft sand in Erg Chebbi. Nestled in the heart of this unparalleled landscape is our Berber tent camp, where dinner awaits, and you’ll retire for the night under a sky adorned with thousands of shining stars.

Summary of the fourth day

Day 5: From Merzouga Desert to Dades Valley via Rissani and Todra Gorges

On the fifth day of the 8-day Morocco tour, the day begins with a unique experience: rising early to witness the first light of dawn in the dunes of Erg Chebbi, offering a special charm that shouldn’t be missed. Following breakfast in the tents, we’ll return to Merzouga by camel, allowing time for a refreshing shower in the camp or at a hotel, depending on the chosen package. Our private vehicle will then transport us to fascinating destinations. Our first stop is Rissani, a small desert town that preserves a historically rich medina and unique corners not commonly seen in the 21st century, including its donkey parking. Continuing by road, we’ll reach Tinghir or Tinerhir, translating to “city of the mountain” in Tamazight, reflecting the rocky elevations in its surroundings.

The next highlight on the itinerary is the Todra Gorges, a breathtaking canyon carved into the rock by erosion, featuring vertical walls that reach 200 meters in some areas, providing unforgettable views from the road or during a stroll. Following this, we’ll proceed along the Dades Valley and embark on the renowned Route of the Thousand Kasbahs. Our riad in one of the charming villages in the area will be the evening’s haven, where you’ll enjoy dinner and spend the night.

Summary of the fifth day

Day 6: From Dades Valley to Marrakech

Following a hearty breakfast at the riad in the Dades Valley, we’ll embark on a journey through the unspoiled landscapes of this captivating region and explore the nearby Valley of Roses. Our first significant stop will be the kasbah of Taourirt in Ouarzazate, a Berber fortress that once served as the residence of the “Pasha” of Marrakech. Despite the passage of time, it still retains features that offer a glimpse into its former grandeur and historical significance. Next on our route is the renowned fortified structure, the ksar of Ait Ben Haddou. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this iconic village has not only preserved its authenticity but also gained fame as a filming location for various productions, including Game of Thrones and Lawrence of Arabia. The village’s remarkable walled architecture and enduringly simple homes and shops make it a captivating sight.

After immersing ourselves in the uniqueness of Ait Ben Haddou, we’ll continue our journey, crossing the High Atlas Mountains through the Tizi n’ Tichka pass, reaching an altitude of over 2,200 meters. Along the ascent and descent, we’ll encounter local villages and breathtaking panoramic views, with snow-capped peaks visible during the coldest seasons. In the afternoon, we’ll arrive in Marrakech, a spectacular imperial city that we’ll explore at our own pace the following day. For now, you’ll have free time to experience the city’s streets and culture before enjoying accommodation in a charming riad in the medina.

Summary of the sixth day

Day 7: Marrakech

The seventh day of this comprehensive 8-day Morocco tour, spanning from north to south, is dedicated to exploring Marrakech, a city teeming with monumental and popular attractions. Begin the day with a fortifying breakfast at the riad to prepare for an exciting and eventful day. Accompanied by our official guide, you’ll visit the most iconic sites of the “red city,” named for the predominant reddish hue of its structures. The guided tour may include landmarks like the Koutoubia Mosque (exterior), the Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs, or the Ben Youssef Medersa, among other possibilities. As you traverse the neighborhoods of artisans, you’ll gain insights into their customs, and Jemaa el-Fna Square will reveal itself as the vibrant heart of Marrakech.

The afternoon offers free time to explore the bustling stalls of Jemaa el-Fna Square or other souks, venture into more modern areas of the city, visit museums like the Museum of Marrakech, or discover tranquil gardens such as Majorelle. To conclude this day, you’ll retreat for the night to the riad in the heart of the medina, providing a perfect blend of comfort and immersion in the city’s rich atmosphere.

Summary of the seventh day

Day 8: Marrakech - airport

On the morning of this eighth day, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at the riad nestled within the medina. Depending on your flight schedule, you’ll have some free time for shopping or additional sightseeing. At the agreed-upon time, our dedicated driver will be at your service with a private vehicle, ready to transfer you to Marrakech airport. As you bid farewell, we express our gratitude for choosing our services and hope for a future reunion, perhaps to explore other captivating regions of the country together.

Summary of eighth day

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From the moment we initially communicated via email, Mustapha was amazing. We suggested taking my parents, my older brother, and my fiancée on a journey from Tangier to Marrakech. The whole event was planned by him! For the entire eight days, we had a fantastic driver who was quite knowledgable and had excellent English. Due to our itinerary, the days were busy and action-packed. Mustapha had planned city tours of the important places we visited and had chosen our riads for us. Breakfasts and dinners were all included in the trip price, although this can be changed if you're not interested. A standout experience was riding camels through the desert into the Sahara and spending the night in a Berber camp. A fantastic experience!


Vacations In Morocco

finest eight days of my life. I enjoyed the vacation a lot. Omar, our tour guide, handled every detail. Every morning, we simply flopped into the car and were taken from one breathtaking landscape to the next and from town to town. Every official guide in the major cities was chosen by him, and he made sure we were always in capable hands. Omar is to be credited with making our trip memorable. I heartily endorse this 8-day trip over the desert from Tangier to Marrakech.


Vacations In Morocco

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