Exploring Todra Gorges in Morocco

Moroccan Todra Gorges exploration

Todra Gorges

Morocco’s Todra Gorges, one of the most breathtaking rocky gorges, are situated on the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains. The road going to the gorges offers spectacular views, such Assoul or Ighri as well as a beautiful view of the towering palm grove, and they are just around 25 kilometers north of the city of Tinghir.

Its water is pure, clean, and crystal clear. Every year, a large number of climbers come to the cliffs of the gorge to indulge in their hobby. Even though it has now grown into a massive school, the Todra Gorge still has a stellar reputation among climbers, especially those from Europe (mainly Spanish and French). Many visitors also come to unwind and take in the area’s breathtaking landscape.

Todra Gorges and Grand Canyons

Despite having rocks more than 100 meters high on either side of the river, some of the gorges only measure 33 meters wide. Only the mind can now conjure up the strong natural forces that previously shaped this area because the river has dried up.
The gorges are a well-known tourist destination in Morocco, despite being a remote location. Visitors can stroll along a well-maintained dirt road that is equipped with hiking trails, albeit they must share it with mules and other pack animals.

Moroccans frequently visit the Todra Gorge in the summer, when they spend the entire day conversing and cooling down by the river.
You may take in the breathtaking scenery, which is dotted with palm trees and productive fields, as you go to the gorges. Several Kasbahs and villages, some of them in ruins, will also be visible.

How to get in the Todra gorges?

The closest airport, Ouarzazate International Airport, is accessible by vehicle in less than three hours if you are flying. While there are more planes arriving and departing, Marrakech International Airport is a different, more popular choice. Then, in order to enter the gorge, you will need a vehicle. You may either rent a vehicle and drive yourself, or at Epic, we can provide you with a suitable vehicle and a driver who can also provide you with information about the villages and other points of interest you pass along the way. The main road is paved, but if you want to venture off-piste, you’ll need a 4×4.

Todra Gorges travel season

Spring and autumn are the busiest travel seasons because of the milder but not freezing temperatures. The gorge is a popular destination, so be mindful that these are also the busiest times. If you want to avoid the crowds, though, there are several lesser-known spots nearby to explore. If you decide to visit during the summer, you will have the place to yourself, but it is important to note that many shops close when temperatures reach into the 40s (especially for the Eid holy holidays if they hit in your travel window). It might be wise to avoid visiting during the snowy winter months of December through February because it might get very cold.

Activities in Todra Gorges

There are numerous ways to appreciate the gorge, regardless of your level of outdoor activity or preference for just taking it all in—the landscape, the culture, a little local handicraft shopping, maybe even a few photos.

1. Picnicking and hiking:

One of the finest ways to experience the breathtaking countryside is on foot. We can set up hikes around the gorge for hikers of all skill levels. A picnic to eat along the way can be provided, along with a guide. Depending on how long you want to stay there, this can be a half-day or full-day choice. We can also plan a longer hike for you that will take you further into the countryside and fit your schedule and skill level.

2. Climbing rocks:

The gorge is the ideal location for rock climbing in Morocco. Climbers can enjoy the gorge safely thanks to the more than 100 official trails that are available. Every level has a variety of pathways, many of which are multi-pitch directions. Beginners are welcome here as well because the gorge is an excellent learning environment.

3. Learn more about the Todra Palmeraie:

The Todra palmeraie is an excellent example of a functioning date plantation. The French word “palmeraie” refers to a grove or plantation of date palm trees. Depending on the season you visit, the beautiful palms will be draped with clusters of dates at various stages of maturity and will always provide shade. Little cottages, vegetable gardens, and scattered orchards of pomegranate trees are all found inside the palmeraie. It’s the perfect location to take a leisurely stroll or bike ride while learning about the cultivation and harvest of dates and the lifestyle of the farmers. It’s a picnicking heaven and a natural wonderland as well.

4. Pass through a village:

Meeting locals and forging genuine ties is one of the delights of visiting Morocco. Because they are fluent in Tamazight, the local language, Epic guides can take you to some beautiful nearby villages and facilitate communication with the locals you encounter. The Berber (Amazigh) inhabitants of this area are renowned for their hospitality. Frequently, they would ask you into their houses so you can share tea and sweet dates with them. You will get a chance to experience the intricate irrigation systems that channel water from the river into the crops as well as traditional red clay structures.

The community here works together and has strong family structures, so life is simple but wonderful. The majority of families will cultivate vegetables, fruit, and some sheep and goats for meat on a smallholding where they live off the land. You will frequently observe the women leading the family cow into a nearby field to graze early in the morning.

5. Buying at a market

One of the biggest markets in Southern Morocco is the Tinghir Weekly Market, which takes place on Mondays and includes a livestock market on Saturdays. The market, which sells animals, dates, olives, fruit, grains, spices, herbs, traditional apparel and shoes, furniture, teapots, bicycles, plants, and much more, has been operating for generations. You can take your time and pause for a cup of mint tea at a temporary café.

6. Grab a carpet:

Shopping outside of cities allows you to feel more connected to the artisans who manufacture the things, which is pleasant. The region is home to Berber carpets, a kasbah is situated close to the gorge, and local people set up shop to sell their carpets along the road. Consult your guide for suggestions.

7. Tour the neighborhood:

For those who want to see Southern Morocco based on their interests, Epic can offer comprehensive insider ‘ungoogleable’ itineraries. We can make arrangements for you to spend some time in a very local area away from other tourists or design a whistle-stop itinerary that can cover more well-known locations like:


Little Hollywood in Morocco is a fantastic place to stop on your route to Todra Gorge and add to your itinerary. Visit Ait Ben Haddou, a hilltop historic Berber town that served as the setting for Lawrence of Arabia, or the Game of Thrones filming location. See the Telouet Kasbah, a noteworthy structure in terms of history. Guests may also explore the movie set, ride a camel across the desert, or take a 4×4 into the dunes.


This town, also known as the Gate of the Sahara, is a fantastic destination to stop along the way and has a lot to see. You can go to the Jewish cemetery, the bustling souq, the Royal Palace, and the world-famous fossil collection. Visit a street café or take a 4×4 into the desert to see one of German sculptor Hannsjorg Voth’s well-known architectural desert sculptures.

Accommodations in Todra Gorge

We can arrange lodging close to Todra that meets your needs and budget, ranging from basic but authentic Berber lodging to upscale lodging with swimming pools and a taste of Desert luxury, or eco-friendly lodges that yet permit day trips to the gorge.
We can arrange cooking and wild camping excursions for individuals who prefer to spend more time in nature, as well as glamping possibilities in the neighborhood. This is a great choice for individuals who enjoy stargazing, taking pictures, and reconnecting with nature.

On their way across the desert, many travelers choose to spend at least one night in these amazing gorges. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets can be seen in this wonderful surroundings. While there are many places to stay in the Todra Gorges, Auberge Le Festival Todra Gorge is one of the most well regarded options.

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