Traveling to Morocco with children: helpful advice

Travel to Morocco with kids: some useful tips

Travel to Morocco with children: several important tips

Going to Morocco is an intriguing alternative because it is a nation that values the family highly due to its culture: it is typical for each home to have multiple children, who also have a lot of freedom in the streets, giving Moroccan neighborhoods and medinas a humorous and cheery appearance.

Traveling to Morocco with children

If you plan a trip to Morocco with children, they will be awestruck by the vibrancy of the streets and the convoluted arrangement of the medinas, which will evoke the urban landscapes described in stories such as Sinbad the Sailor and Aladdin.

However, the oasis hidden in the desert countryside outside the cities, the smells and colors of the souks, and the hospitality of the Moroccans will all wow you. They will also be enthralled by rickshaw rides through the city, camel rides, and the breathtaking beaches… And, of course, the desert, however we recommend that you contact us first to see if the tour is appropriate for your children, as the thermal conditions in the desert are extreme both during the day and at night.

Some challenges of traveling to Morocco with children

Nevertheless, there are several difficulties to be aware of when traveling to Morocco with children or babies. All things, such as specialty foods and medicines, should be brought from your home country, as they can be difficult to obtain in Morocco, or at least in the same quantity, brand, and qualities.

If you want to buy infant supplies, we recommend going to huge stores like Acima and Marjane, which are similar to supermarkets in your country. In any case, the fact that the labels are printed in Arabic or French can make it difficult to choose the products, especially if you have a child who has food allergies or intolerances.

Also, don’t expect to locate baby-changing facilities, as they are almost non-existent.
Furthermore, the aforementioned labyrinthine layout of the medinas has a disadvantage: they can be chaotic and difficult to navigate, so keep an eye on your youngsters to avoid scares. If you are traveling with children to Morocco, another alternative is to look for a hotel or resort style lodging in the newer part of the city, where there are no narrow streets but broad avenues, as in the West.

Is it risky to travel to Morocco with children?

There is no need to be concerned because Morocco is a relatively safe country. Take the same precautions you would take in any other nation, including Europe. Due to Moroccan characteristics, extra caution should be exercised to avoid losing sight of children in the medinas, which are rather intricate and fairly busy, which may cause some confusion. In some areas, traffic is also fairly heavy, therefore it is critical to keep an eye on children in busy areas. Otherwise, the government offers tourists, and hence families with children, a high level of safety.

If you are traveling with children to Morocco, you must bring the necessary papers for both children and adults.

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