Beaches of Morocco: Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts

Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coast beaches

Moroccan beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts

Far from being all of Africa, there are areas that are not desert. Also, it boasts a long coastline with lovely beaches. One of the few nations on the continent to receive water from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea is Morocco. This gives consumers a far wider range of options because, as we shall see, the two coasts differ significantly from one another.

How are the beaches of Morocco?

Morocco offers a wide range of beach-related options. Although there are other possibilities more suited for surfers, where large waves are generated, all are generally very well-kept and good for a quiet swim for everyone.
Morocco has around 3,800 km of coastline that stretches from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (3,350 km on the Atlantic coast and 430 km on the Mediterranean). What’s more, many of the beaches are in a virgin state and have paradisiacal scenery with tremendous beauty. You may unwind, rest, and engage in water sports on their fine, soft, golden sand and crystal-clear waters.

The Mediterranean is home to Moroccan beaches.

Morocco’s friendliest and calmest side is revealed along the Mediterranean coast, where there are more than 120 beaches. Its coastline stretches from Tangier to Saidia, with the central city of Al Hoceima receiving special attention. Here, the beaches are smaller and the sea is kinder and quieter. In reality, some are nearby historic fishing communities that are situated in idyllic natural settings.

Yet, this has not stopped the concurrent development of brand-new seaside resorts like Tamuda Bay in the area of Tetouan. Important hotel complexes have also been built at Saidia and its surrounds, on the other side of the so-called Alboran Sea. One such complex is Mediterrania-Saidia, which spans more than 700 hectares and boasts 6 kilometers of white sand beach. Near two international airports, this region is completed by a marina and an 18-hole golf course.

On these beaches, Morocco provides a more natural aspect of the Mediterranean in addition to the fishing communities and vacation destinations. Tourists can take in the stunning scenery along the shore, where the sun shines virtually the entire year. Despite this, the production of magnificent waves at specific locations for the practice of water sports is not prevented. Along with all of this, it’s important to note that the area’s beaches are in good condition and are at a good temperature, which together provides a picture-perfect setting that encourages daydreaming.

Moroccan beaches on the Atlantic Ocean

More than 200 beaches may be found along the Atlantic coast, stretching from Tangier to Essaouira. Moroccan coastline spans more than 2,000 kilometers, and important towns like Casablanca and Rabat are located along it. As a result, the beaches nearest to the cities tend to be the busiest, while the quieter beaches are defined by nature in their most pristine form. These beaches in Morocco are perfect for this kind of active tourism because it is typical to practice sports like kitesurfing or windsurfing there.

Even in the winter, these beaches maintain their consistent quality and temperature, with wintertime readings of 18 oC. On the other side, this number increases to 23 oC during the summer. The majority of Morocco’s beaches on the Atlantic are lengthy stretches of fine sand that face the sea. They get warmer as you travel further south, reaching their exquisite conclusion at Dakhla Bay.

On this stretch of coastline, the northeast trade winds blow from late March to mid-September, making it the best season for all sliding sports, especially surfing. There is no other way to put it: whether you’re boarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, or jet skiing, the waves will be up to the task.

Which are the best beaches in Morocco

You’ll want to know which beaches in Morocco are the greatest now that you know what they’re like. If you don’t want to miss a great swim throughout your excursions to Morocco, take note of our selection and incorporate them into your travel schedule.

1. Tangier, where Hercules spent the night

The Caves of Hercules, which contain various stories about this Greek hero, were already discussed in a previous piece. But this area, which is 14 kilometers west of Tangier, also has one of Morocco’s top beaches. Also, it has the appeal of being a natural swimming location, free of huge structures that detract from its beauty and with little to no (or occasionally none) other bathers’ company.

2. Rabat is not far from Temara Beach.

Temara Beach, located about 15 km south of the nation’s capital, is one of the most intriguing possibilities if you’re in Rabat and want to take advantage of the possibility to go swimming. Due to the resorts that have cropped up nearby, you will probably see a lot of local bathers in addition to tourists from other countries. If you choose to visit, exercise caution when bathing because the seas there can be rather choppy. It should come as no surprise that there are many well-known surfing locations nearby.

3. Salé-Rabat, the city of Rabat's beach

The beach in Morocco is neither the biggest nor the quietest. Quite the opposite. Yet, this is a fantastic choice if you prefer to swim while surrounded by locals. In the height of the tourist season, it will be crowded, but it will be a welcome break after touring the metropolis. The Kasbah of the Udayas offers the greatest views of this swimming spot.

4. Moulay Bousselham, tranquility and nature

In Moulay Bousselham, you’ll experience a different kind of atmosphere. One of the nicest beaches in Morocco in terms of quality-nature-tranquility ratio, this remote fishing community lies about 50 km from Kenitra. It is also one of the least congested places in the nation, especially outside of the Moroccan holiday seasons. Although its waters are protected by cliffs, you must exercise extreme caution because their waves and currents can be harmful. Birdwatching is another reason why plenty of people come here.

5. One of Morocco's most spectacular beaches is Tarfaya.

The greatest thing you can do if you want to entirely avoid the hordes of tourists is to fly to Morocco’s far south, where the desert surrounds these beaches. The French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry received inspiration for his first writings in this small fishing village called Tarfaya, which is located around 200 kilometers from Tan Tan. Because it is a complete getaway from society, it is only suggested for tourists looking to add a little adventure to their journey.

6. Martil, an example of the new Morocco

One of those cities that has succeeded to enter the international tourist circuit of sun and beach is Martil, which is only a few kilometers from Tetouan and Cabo Negro. Long, sandy beaches are available, along with a lovely coastal promenade with many hotels, cafes, and ice cream shops.

7. A benchmark for sun and beach tourism is Nador.

The city of Nador, which is adjacent to Melilla, can’t claim to be one of the most unique and historic places, but it is one of the best set up for summer travel and has some of the most interesting beaches in Morocco’s Mediterranean region. The Boqueronesa Beach is situated next to the Mar Chica, a natural lagoon of ecological relevance, which has been recently rehabilitated and ornamented with rows of palm trees. However, the best swimming spots are farther east, including Kariat Arkmane, 23 km from the city, which is a popular camping destination in Morocco.

8. Iris Cove, in Al Hoceima National Park

One of the beaches in Morocco that still has a very local feel is Cala Iris. This area, which located near the western edge of Al Hoceima National Park, is not overrun by commercial tourism. In low season, there are very few bathers, but during the holidays, it is crowded with Moroccan families and modest beach bars who enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty, where the islet of Cala Iris and its distinctive topography of gorges and coastal ravines stand out.

9. Mirleft: among the most deserted beaches... and desert beaches

The most fascinating beaches in Morocco can be found on the other side of the nation, further south of Agadir. For instance, in Mirleft, where there are various beaches protected by rocks that appear to be playing with the water. This is the case with El Gezira (sometimes spelled Legzira), which is one of the most picturesque due to its reddish hue. Here, taking a private bath is as simple as going fishing.

10. Guelmim, the white beach of the Atlantic Ocean

The enormous dunes that encircle the beach of Guelmim suggest the color white, whereas El Gezira is known as the red beach. Even further south, on the route to Tan Tan and the Western Sahara, it has a few resorts that aren’t on the coast but don’t ruin the ambiance of the area, where the murmur of the Atlantic breeze rules and silence is the norm.

Some excellent swimming beaches in Morocco

Some bathing spots that stand out for their excellent bathing conditions or for their distinctive qualities had to be included in this post about the best beaches in Morocco. These are a few that should be mentioned:

  1. Oued Laou: with 4 kilometers of beach, you’ll never have trouble finding a suitable spot for yourself, even in the heat.
  2. Haouzia beaches: at Azemmour, an Atlantic coast resort 80 kilometers south of Casablanca, with typical warm temperatures that promote swimming at any time of year.
  3. Oualidia: This city offers a sandy beach for swimming on the edge of a natural lagoon, making it one of the beaches in Morocco with the calmest waters despite facing the sea.
  4. Agadir: The city’s beaches span more than 20 kilometers, and it is always sunny there! Several water sports, including as sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving, are also permitted here.

It is important to note the abundance of new resorts along the Atlantic coast, including Lixus, Mazagan, and Taghazout, all of which have breathtaking beaches. Hence, Morocco is a location where you can delight in the joy of swimming, leisure, or the most cutting-edge water sports.

These are merely a few suggestions for the top beaches in Morocco. Contact to get a custom itinerary if you want us to assist you in finding a convenient lodging option along your journey or if you want us to plan the entire trip!

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